Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's just not the same

You know some things just aren't the same as they used to be are they?

I've finally decided that I NEED to lose weight, not a lot of weight, probably just about 20 pounds - no more than that, I'll be a skeleton for god's sake! At this same time The Roomate has decided to quit smoking.

So to celebrate our both quitting something (well I'm quitting eating as much) I walked to the Dominick's to get us some sugar free popsicles and yogurt (I never ate yogurt before but now I'm addicted to it).

While I was looking for our treats I saw that right next to it were sugar free Dreamsicles and Fudgesicles - maybe this dieting thing won't be so bad after all?

I quickly ran home because the last thing I wanted to happen was have my fudgsicles melt on the trip to show The Roommate what I had found.

He was as surprised as I was, sugar free dreamsicles - how fabulous!

I put them in the freezer for the customary 15 minute hardening time and then we dug in.

Well let's just say, Sugar Free Dreamsicles and Fudgsicles sure sound a lot better than they really are, it's just not the same without sugar.

Maybe this dieting thing is gonna be hard....oh god forbid I hope I don't have to join the gym!


Toño said...

Don't you give up!

Your palate has just to get used to the marvelous world of delicacies without sugar. Believe me you will discover a wide world of tastes.

Try to enjoy the delicious taste of a cup of coffee without sugar, just with some coffee cream (better with light milk). Don't ever take sugar with your tee at tee time, better celebrate the act of taking the time to enjoy the smell and the taste of your favourite tee...

ok, ok I'am stopping now...;) said...

It might be heresy for some people, but I just don't believe in diet. They just make you eat more. Moderation of lifestyle, a well balanced lifestyle and moderate exercise are more promising. I recommend Pilates. It also let's you stay well-positioned. It's not about waist size, it's about looking good.

CanadianSwiss said...

I believe in a well balanced dietand you should treat yourself to "the real stuff" once in a while. If it's just the amount, then try reducing the portions gradually and your stomach will get used to the new portions rather quickly.

Are you a fast eater? Then train yourself to slow down. Gobbeling food down (like I used to have the habit to do) makes you "miss" the point of "I feel satiated" instead of "Ugh! I ate too much".

Speaking of weight loss, look at this. Now I could slap the parents for letting come this far:

The Sour Kraut said...

Not to sound like a nutrition freak (one we all know and love) but I recently watched You on a Diet by Dr. so & so. I went out and purged my fridge like he said. I think he gives some good advice and tells you what to look for on the nutrition label that is healthy vs. bad for you.

I however, am all about portion control as I have absolutely NO willpower. I must have my sweets - just in microscopic quantities. Another thing that The Swede and I do is to give ourselves the weekends. Watch your diet all week long and allow bad stuff only two days a week. You'll find that you don't want the bad stuff because you don't want to undo any good you've done. It's nice to have that outlet though.

Good luck!!!

On a different note, how's the logo coming?

David said...

Michael! You can join the gym that MJ and I go to! It's in our 'hood.

Rob7534 said...

Good luck Michael, God knows I've struggled with too much weight myself.

I stay from the "low sugar/no sugar" or diet food, because I tend to eat more of it in one sitting.

You should do pictures of before and after!