Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What the World Eats

Time Magazine did this recent article showing the food that typical families around the world eat in a weeks time.

It's amazing to look at the disparity of food that people eat and the amount of money they spend on food. Of course, we Americans are shown over indulging like we do in EVERYTHING!

You can check it out HERE


Ms Mac said...

I thought that was really cool.

How angry does the German teenager look?

Andi said...

Yeah, I saw something like that before....

I was totally going to get Snapshot but you beat me to it....


Michael said...

Ms. Mac - look at those American's though all that "junk" food! I'm embarrassed for us.

Andi - WHOT! I didn't realize this was a competition....LOL!!!

Wanna have a competition, let's see who gets famous first, I bet you'll beat me!

Andi said...

I'm thinking that you are already in magazines/online already with Flo and other stuff so I'm guessing you got me beat hands down!

Unless it's a singing competition of "Umbrella" coz I will kick your bootay!


The Big Finn said...

I'm not sure where the magazine is getting their exchange rates from, but 155 British pounds is over $300, not around $250 as they list. Also, the Brit family's favorite foods are avocado, and mayonnaise sandwiches...Wow!

Livin' large!!!

Also...What the heck is the Sicilian family doing eating "frozen fish sticks" when they have all that great, fresh, local seafood at their markets each day.

Plus, no surprise, but look at all the beer and wine that German family is drinking each week. It kind of reminds me!