Friday, June 29, 2007

Who owns whom?

I won't say I'm a cat person....I won't say I'm a dog person.....I won't say I'm a kid person.

But the one thing that all these have in common is that I do like them, for short periods of time, and I enjoy them even more when I'm standing at my front door waving good bye.

Now don't get me wrong, growing up on a farm we always had pets. We had a dogthat lived in the house with us, his name was Hair and a few dogs that didn't, one was named Mutch and one was named Red (it was a Redbone - how original). We had cats, they never lived in the house but they would come and go. My favorite kitty was Motor (again how original), boy could that cat purr!

I never owned gerbils or ferrets or mice or snakes, although we did have chickens, pigs and cows. My sister always made the mistake of treating the cows like pets and then when we slaughtered them she would suddenly become a vegetarian until she really wanted a steak!

As an adult, I used to own two Cats. When I lived in Columbus, OH (eons ago) we were at the Kroger where a man was sitting in front of the store with a box of kittens. My then boyfriend looked at the kittens and then looked at me and then back at the kittens. Needless to say, we walked out of the Jewel with a bag of kitty litter and a helion we named Alex.

That cat was posessed by the Devil I tell you. He was about 8 weeks old, freshly weaned, when we got him and he was so tiny and cute, just a bundle of fur......with CLAWS! I would pet him and he would sink his teeth into the flesh of my hand between my thumb and fingers! About a year later we decided that Alex needed a playmate so we went to the Shelter to find a friend for him.

We happened upon a grey tiger kitty that had just been dropped off that morning, when I picked her up to say hello she promptly batted me across the face with her paw - we named her Zsa Zsa Gabor!

Alex & Zsa Zsa lived the high life, laying on counters, hiding behind things and jumping out at you, chasing each other around the house. They even moved with me to Atlanta and enjoyed drinking Sweet Tea and never seeing snow again. But room-mate got hooked on Crystal Meth and moved out of the apartment leaving me stuck with finding a new roommate. I had a good friend that was looking for a place to live, but was allergic to kitties, it was a sad day but I decided that roommates that pay rent supersede kitties.

Now don't think I'm cruel and heartless, I'm not. We found them a beautiful place to live in the country on a farm. Literally a farm, not "The Farm" The last I heard they were still frolicking around enjoying living the outdoor life chasing birds, squirrels and mice.

I haven't owned pets since then......that is until I moved in with the current Roommate. He has a dog a Shiba Inu who is the biggest princess in the world. The Roommate has had him since a puppy and wow is that dog loyal to him. This dog and I share an apartment but that's about it. If you ever see the interaction between the two of us, it's like we don't even exist in each other's world.

When we come home from work, I'll walk in the door first and shout out for the dog "I'm home" at which point he comes running up to me.....and then goes right past find The Roommate. If The Roommate isn't with me then The Dog will just look at me and then go back to whichever couch he was sitting on before I interrupted him. Another example is walks - I'll take him for walks, but he doesn't like me to talk him for walks. When he and The Roommate walk out of the house he barks up and down and runs to the end of the yard to scare off any would be predators that might be lurking around the corner. When I do the same thing he meanders out the door, snifs some flowers, eats some grass and then looks at me and says "Come on let's get this over with."

Persnickity dog, he's just like a Cat!

Oh yeah, the real reason for the post. Have you ever been to Cats In Sinks? It's hilarious, you really should check it out.

So what kind of pets do you have?


King da Cat said...

I have two humans.

Dey suck!

The Big Finn said...


Don't think that I don't know that you're blogging about us!


I can make "the last drive" to Dr. Buser's office any time I want!

Oh...and get your stinkin' paws off'a my computer!

Xmichra said...

We hav etwo kitties, Kali and Seraphina. They are calico cats, sisters and a year old now. We bought them for Kiras b-day last year. I am sooo glad they are over the kitten attack phase though, your heels get mighty sore :)

But Seraphina is like that with me an dmark. She will wait at the top of the stairs looking at the door, and if it's mark she stickes her tail up in the air and walks away. But if it's me, she "sits pretty" until i go up and give her a chin rub. hehe.

The Sour Kraut said...

We have two lovely white colored yellow labs. One, very old and lumpy, the other young and ENERGETIC! She is a sweety though.

BTW...TBF, we call it "the last walk".