Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming

Oh wait, that's not right it should be "The Family is Coming! The Family is Coming!"

That's right The Family is coming for a visit. I've lived in Chicago for going on 7 years and this is the first time that they've visited. Now before you say anything bad, there is a reason.

When I used to live in Atlanta my parents would stop and visit at least twice a year - once on their way to Florida and then on the way home. But since I moved to the Midwest it's a lot more difficult to swing by and say "Hi" especially in the winter! I've been home plenty of times to see The Family but this is the first time they've been to my new digs.

The Roommate and I are very excited (he had the opportunity to meet my family a few years ago when we went home to PA to make a movie) about seeing The Family - including my sister! If you knew my Sister the way I knew my Sister you'd understand that.

I've got all sorts of things planned for their visit:
- A Tour of Downtown that will include the Sears Tower' Sky-Deck and a Double Decker Tour of the City
- A trip to Ravinia on Saturday night for an outdoor concert
- A trip "up north" to Tempel Farms to see the Lipizzans
- A trip to the shores of Lake Michigan to view the Full Moon Jam on Sunday night (check out the link for photos from when I went last, my Mom well get off on that)
- A huge Italian dinner cooked by the Roommate.

I'm sure we'll also do a lot of shopping, eating, drinking and playing games (I'm sure we'll play LCR and my parents will win big time).

They're flying in Thursday afternoon and I've already arranged a car to bring us back into the city. Since this is their first trip to Chicago I didn't want the first impression to be marred by my driving and screaming and yelling!

So what are you doing this weekend?


David said...

OMG! Your folks visit is this weekend! How fun!

The Big Finn said...

I'm going to be recuperating from having a vasectomy.

Thanks for asking.

Andi said...

Please don't let them go up the tower that I have yet to go up!!!!

Just kidding. Whenever I think of your sister I think of the 'department store' photo-job and just crack up laughing.

I can't wait for the day I actually meet her.... and your parents!

Have fun Michael!

gomad.ch said...

I reside here since May 1986. My mother came about a couple of months after I'd moved in to check whether I clean properly (she brought a hoover), and well, my father called once (I was not at home). It's my duty to visit them.

About the weekend: We'll have guests for dinner an I will fly to Denmark.

David said...

The Big Finn wins!

Michael said...

The Big Finn ALWAYS wins! That's why he's The Big Finn!

Anonymous said...

I always used to revel when my folks or sister would come visit me in SF. I loved showing off The City. My sister was never overly impressed, but my mom and dad loved it.

BTW...I'm still waiting for those promised photos of Harbor Point. :)

Michael said...

Alexander - Oh I haven't forgotten...I haven't been downtown in AGES! I know we'll be down this weekend so I'll be sure to capture a few for you, even if i have to drag my family with me.