Monday, July 09, 2007

Fast Typers

When I type I pay more attention to the screen than I do my hands, do you?

When I was a Senior in High School, shh that was 20 years ago, I didn't want to take Advanced Biology. Basically because I knew that two of the projects were disceting a frog and collecting bugs, uhm, no thanks. So instead of Advanced Biology I took Office Practice.

I loved Office Practice - little did I know how handy it would come into use in my future. Office Practice was just what it said it was "Office Practice" It was sort of like playing school when you weren't in school.

We did all of the officey things, like filing. We carried around a little file box that had like 100 letters in it and every week we had to re-file the letters, alphaettically, by date, by senders name, by addressee, etc. Hell I'm GREAT at filing now! Although now that I think about it, carrying a little file box around for 2 months was a lot dorkier than carrying around bugs mounted on a piece of styrofoam.

We also learned Key-Punch - I'm sad to say that I have never had to use this skill. But 10-Key I use all the time. I can add up a row of numbers faster than it takes a stripper to get out of her thong.

And of course we also learned how to type. I remember my mother telling me tales of when she was in High School and had to type on a manual machine and she typed 45 wpm, I was amazed. She also told me stories of how they would ride around on the typewriter cart and one time they actually went through a partition into another classroom. Now that's can't do that with a PDA can you?

I'm a great typer, it's ok, I can admit it. I can type about 50 wpm and it always seems to amaze people.....I mean it's typing....when you do something every day you sorta get better at it.

I don't think that I've looked at my hands when I type for years because I know where all of the keys are whenever I need them.

I can even type numbers but a lot of time I may have to glance to confirm, but that's what the backspace key is for right? I know exactly where that one is. The one set of keys that I do need to cheat with are the shift keys on the numbers...I just don't remember where they all are.

For example, I remember that the dollar sign $ is on SFT+4, and the Hash sign # is at SFT+3, the @ sign is easy, especially with email nowadays. I also know where the ( and the ) but the ^ I can never remember because how often do you use that? As well as the % sign and the !!!! although I do use that one all the time. And what about the ~ all the way over there where you never reach. It's just far enough that you forget about it, plus who really uses the ~ when it isn't over a letter?!? Oh yeah, I know where the ? is, because I ask too many questions.

Do you know where all of your keys are?


Ms Mac said...

jfikedl kdnfjkdsl' kjfkdjnako[QO32U '\L;ASMD JFKAS'LSKDDF oejfk,dnmf.

That's a no.

But my keys are in different spots to yours- oo-er guvnor!

The Big Finn said...

Michael - I am also a very fast typist because I took a full year of typing (instead of just a half year like most people) during my freshman year in high school. There were about thirty girls in my class, and two guys (me and Paul Robinson). At one point, I was timed at 72 wpm (...second fastest in the class! Damn you Joy Cizek!!!). Typing, I must say, has been one of the most useful skills I learned in all of my schooling.
Oh...and yes...I know where all the keys are.

Andy said...

I'm pretty good, but only a six digit typist! The older I'm getting the more I'm using the backspace, must be my fingers getting old and dumb!

The thing with all those symbols is that they change place in different countries and being the globe-trotter I am, I find that annoying. In India the " is where the @ should be, annoying because they are both used a lot, and in Spain its all different, probably because they do use all those accent things. I find that its good not look at the foreign keyboard, turn windows to english keyboard and just type away, it works for me.

Anonymous said...

You had frogs in advance bio? We had fetal pigs...

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - Whatever do you mean? I thought the whole world used the American Keyboard?

TBF - Boy you've got some fast fingers there....

Andy - Six digits? 3 fingers on each hand?

Alexander - Yuck!

The Sour Kraut said...

Yes, and self-taught at that!