Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday's are the best

Because when I wake up in the morning I get to turn the alarm clock OFF instead of just reseting it for another early morning wakeup.

So do you have big plans for the weekend? It's supposed to rain tomorrow - which I hope is a big fat lie!

Sunday afternoon there's a group of us going to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs beat the pants off of the Houston Astros - oh how we're hoping they do literally beat the pants off of them, how hot would that be?

I'm sure that you're worried for me, especially since on the latest episode of The Loopy Fruit Audio Network we were out at the Softball fields cheering on The Roommate and his team and now I'm going to another sporting event on my own volition, but don't worry, I'm not turning Straight...and I'm not turning into one of those gay boys that likes sports. Sometimes schedules just work out that way is all I can say.

For the last several years one of the local gay rags - The Chicago Free Press - has been sponsoring "Out At The Ballgame" which is basically "Gay Day at Wrigley Field" They buy a whole section of tickets and work with the organizers at Wrigley Field to bring in top shelf liquor drinks and hot hunky hot dog salesmen that may accidentally slip you their weiner instead of a weiner.

I love going to Wrigley Field, even though I have no idea what is going on during the game but it's a blast to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the ground, drink beer and see how many hot dogs you can eat in a 3-hour period. Of course drinking all that beer does force one to use the facilities and I can't do that at Wrigley becuase they don't have urinals.....they have the dreaded "Man Trough" Some boys enjoy that, but I'm incredibly pee shy and don't even suggest the stalls because men are GNASTY! The stalls are disgustingly dirty and gross and you end up having to flush with your foot, which is totally gross. But hey there's at least a lot of cute boys at Wrigley to watch.

A group of us went two years ago and unfortunately we missed it last year, but This Year - we're back with a vengence!

I started early this year organizing a group of girls to go and boy was I overwhelmed, there's a whopping 36 of us going! We have 4 rows in the stadium all to ourselves (well we might have to share some of those seats) it's gonna be a rauckus group of boys that's for sure.

Amber is going to be performing the National Anthem and during the Seventh Inning Stretch they always wake the crowd up with a rousing performance of "Take me out to the ballgame" The last time I was at a Cubs game Vince Vaughn sang it, I wonder who it will be this year.

So look forward to lots of pictures of drunk straight boys and some drunk gay boys!

What are you doing this weekend?


The Big Finn said...

Michael - The "trough" scares you?

Go to:

You won't be sorry...

Michael said...

TBF - And here I thought we were friends.....that was TOO MUCH!

andy said...

That video is pretty funny, but you know how one video leads to another and then another? You dont want to know where I ended up!

I hate the urinals and the troughs, not because I'm shy, because of the splashback that occurs. Give me a cubicle/stall every time. And yes I always lift the seat with my shoe!