Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Softballs & Microphones

Guess what I did over the weekend?

Yes, I got drunk. No, I made it home ok. I don't remember doing that, but if you say so.

No, I met up with those fabulous Loopy Fruit boys David & Raul of The Loopy Fruit Audio Network.

The Roommate was playing a few games of softball and since he was on the show a few weeks ago the boys promised to come out and support him at a game. Just my luck it was the week they asked me to do another guest appearance on their show.

We met up at the local softball fields and set up a table and umbrella threw our microphones on and recorded a little episode.

We talk about everything from Softball to sports in general to movies to Disneyworld. I think I even gave a secret away - but you'll have to listen to learn.

So check out Episode #36 - Tales from the Ball Park

If you're so intrigued you can check out my first appearance on Episode #25 - The Grocery Cast

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