Tuesday, July 24, 2007


How do you explain Synphoria?

Let's start at the beginning.

Last month I went to the Full Moon Jam which is held every month (that it's nice outside) to celebrate the Full Moon. Groups of people get together with their drums and their Poi and beat out a rhytmic dance while boys and girls twirl fire.

You can see pictures of the Full Moon Jam HERE

Then a friend of a friend said "Hey there's Synphoria going on, do you guys want to go?" Synphoria?!? WTF is Synphoria.

This is a quote from the invite:

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of THE SUMMER
F LOVE, Synphoria will be taking a (head)trip to
"Ravinia" to sit on the grass a watch a short set
by the master Indian sitarist RAVI SHANKAR!!

Then as I found out more about it, and it made even less sense to me. We had to wait two long weeks while the tension of what Synphoria actually was built in our imaginations.

Finally the night arrived and we soon arrived at the appointed address, which incidentally was only a few doors down from my prior address, we entered Onderland.

Synphoria is art on steroids, it was everything I couldn't even begin to imagine. Black lights & Curator Gloves. Surprises around every corner. Grass in the living room....not grass that you smoke, grass that you walk on.

The only way that I can really explain Synphoria is by showing you.

You can also view Photos HERE


Andi said...

This is so different from your average 'going to the pub on a Saturday night' gig.

Looks fun!

Michael said...

Totally....I'll let you know when the next one is and you will definitely have to come up!