Wednesday, July 18, 2007 is a blog hijacker

I apologize for the drama I caused over the past week, I was just trying something new out and it went horribly horribly wrong!

Somehow I found this traffic builder site called Visionbuzz, it looked inocuous enough (don't they all), just add a widget and you'll get traffic.

Oh yeah, I got all sorts of traffic, but then I got all sorts of other problems as well like pages not loading, taking you to other pages while in the middle of reading my fabulous wonderful posts and all sorts of little nasties.

So I apologize if you had difficulty reading me as of late, I guess that'll teach me won't it?


andy said...

Yay, I can renounce my vow to only read you in my feed reader thingy!


Anonymous said...

SO glad it's gone!!!