Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What has the Fashion world become?

I was one of those gays that was born without the Fashion Gene. You know the one that lets me walk into my gorgeous 10 foot x 12 foot closet, snap my fingers and have a fabulous outfit just waiting for me.

No, I didn't get that gene....I got the Garanimals Fashion Gene that I will blame on growing up in the country and not knowing any better. But really, I'm terrible at putting things together, I think brown on tan looks good and I've been told many times that pleated pants are out, but I just don't get it - Yes I know pleated pants are out but they're pants...and they fit. You may recall a tale of my Gray Pants so as you can see I care very little about "fashion."

The other day we were at Sears and I saw a great pair of shorts....yes, I said Sears. Did you know that Sears now carries the Structure line....yeah the line that used to have it's own stores in the mall but went bankrupt and Sears bought them and now you can buy a cashmere sweater right next to your Tuffskins and Carhart - WOOF!

So, as I was saying, we were at Sears and I found this great pair of Madras Shorts, they looked plaid to me. They were my size, I thought they were cute and best of all they were on Sale.

Fast Forward to today - I'm going out to dinner....ah, it'll be a perfect time to wear my new shorts, they're hip and they're almost still in style so I'll sorta blend in.

I put the shorts on, button them up and go to put my money clip in my pocket.....and there's no pocket. Oh maybe it's swen up, you know like they do on a sports jacket, I mean after all this is Structure, it's a good line. I went to the bathroom to grab my pair of surgical scissors and looked....and there were no pockets at all.

Shorts.....with no front pockets?!? What the hell? Are all Madras shorts like that, or just the cheap ass ones that Sears is selling at a markup and then giving a discount on because they're Structure.

I can't believe that the next time I buy a pair of shorts I have to make sure it has front pockets.


I think we can blame this on BRAVO and Tyra Banks


gomad.ch said...

I'm rather taliban when it comes to shorts. I think hardly anybody has the legs to wear them in public when he is older than twelve. With or without pockets.

Michael said...

Gomad - Well it's obvious you haven't seen my gams!

CanadianSwiss said...

Fasion is not always practical, is it? ;)

The Sour Kraut said...

Yeah, I lack the female shoe gene.

Are you sure you're not like Michael from The Office and haven't accidentally bought women's clothing?