Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm on Consumerist AGAIN!

But this time I'm bloody embarrassed.

I've been out of my normal routine of checking up on you people to see what you've been up to so my first day at work has been spent doing such (I mean I can't do that on my personal time, it just wouldn't be right.)

So I'm flipping through one of my most favorite sites (I mean besides yours - yours is always my favorite) The Consumerist where there's a post about a guy that ordered 2 Exxon Mobil Credit cards and got 2000 instead.

I thought the picture was funny so I clicked on the rest of the story to read along with the wasn't until I looked closely at the picture and realized


They've used my pictures several times before and I'm always grateful, but now I'm having second thoughts of it.

I guess since I posted a photo of myself looking stupified, this is what I get!

Fortunately looking through the comments no one was too totally mean to me and a few actually said the photo made them laugh.

Well, we can thank the Fabulous Andilicious as the reason for the photo.

Here's a link to the Post


Ms Mac said...

Well, I think it's friggin' high-larious!

Well done Michael!

Andi said...

OMG, they way they have it set up is it looks like you are the guy!

But I'm glad to be a small very tiny part of this whole ordeal!

Congratulations Michael!

David said...

You are so photogenic... lucky!