Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Missing: One Shoe

Missing: One Shoe
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How do you lose one shoe?

One sock I can understand, one pair of underwear I can understand, one t-shirt I can understand, but how do you lose ONE SHOE!

And a hiking boot to boot, it's not like it's a flip flop. I know where my flip flops are, I've been wearing the hell out of them this summer since I lost one of my boots.

I like flip flops.....I was never a "show your feet" kinda person but a few years ago that changed - who knows why. When I was a kid I never liked to show my underarms, so I never wore tank tops and when I had to play basketball in ninth grade I had to throw everything underhand!

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But enough about my freakiness.

I've been wearing flip flops all summer and my feet are killing me. Well I guess my feet aren't killing me so much as my big toes are killing me from having to dig themselves into the flip flop so they don't fall off. I would say flip flops are as hard to wear for a guy as high heels. When you wear flip flops you're hanging on by your toes for dear life and when you're wearing heels your doing the only thing and hoping you don't fall on your ass. I guess at least with flip flops you don't have far to fall if you have a "blow out."

I like wearing flip flops but I always have a fear of losing one. And wouldn't you know it, I was at the grocery store the other day, wearing my flip flops and as I look at this cute guy, I misstep and walk completely out of my flip flop....I was suddenly just a flop and missing my flip! I was mortified.

I just grabbed my case of corona and handful of limes and walked to the cash register.

But more importantly, tell me. How did I lose a boot? I can't explain it, it was there one day and suddenly gone the next. I didn't throw it out in the trash, it's not under the bed, I don't know where the fuck it has gone. The dog hasn't eaten it and my parents didn't pack it up in their luggage (it was gone before they got here)

I'm keeping the one just in case the other one gets lonely and wants to come back or more so because I know as soon as I throw it out, the other one will suddenly appear.

I just hope some voodoo priestess doesn't have it!

What's the strangest thing that you've lost?


Joseph said...

maybe the boot found a younger and slightly more attractive partner?

Michael said...

Well, it is summer! said...

For what do you use the ones newt to the missing one?

The Sour Kraut said...

I always see random shoes along the roadside and wonder how they managed to end up there.

Xmichra said...

i see scattered shoes on the highway too. that really is odd.

Strangest thing i lost? a lens from my glasses. What was worse, i was wearing them and totally thought that i had to get a new perscripion because i couldn't see. lol!

Anonymous said...

im a sock guy and im always leavign shoes wheni take them off