Monday, August 13, 2007

Stardust - A Movie Review

You know I'm bad at giving movie reviews, so I'll leave that up to the professionals.

Friday night I went to see Stardust at our local cinema, well not local really because I had to take two trains and walk 4 blocks to get there and it's in a different area code, but local nonetheless.

I like going to the movies, I won't say I LOVE going to the movies, only because there are typically other people in the movie theater that ruin it for me when I'm immersed in the experience of watching a movie.

I knew it was opening night of the movie so I procured my ticket online via Fandango (have you used Fandango, it's fabulous) and planned on getting to the theater early to get my favored seat, four rows from the back directly in front of the seat that lines up with projector. It has to be four rows from the back because every other row in this theater has the "reclining" seats (think of how far airplane seats recline, you get the idea) and directly under the projector so you don't have to move your head from side-to-side to catch all of the action. I know, preferably I should be a few rows further south so that I can catch the "true surround sound" experience, but that means less to me so I don't care.

I got to the theater early, picked up my ticket (I don't do the 'print your ticket at home' stuff because I like to have my ticket [I know, I'm a freak]), purchased my medium bag of popcorn and smuggled my bottle of water and bag of M&M's into the theater. As I entered the theater I saw two queens were already in my preferred seats, obviously they didn't get my memo! So I was forced to sit two rows back (remember reclining seats). I had plenty of time to spare, so I pulled out my Entertainment Weekly and started reading (of course skipping over the reviews of the movie I was about to watch).

The Movie Theater is such a microcosm of society, don't you think? You've got the early adopters (like me that want the seat they want), you've got the noisy howler monkey children who don't understand the concept of a movie theater and parents who don't know how to discipline, you've got the talkers, the ones who constantly have to run to the snack bar.

The ones that kill me the most are those that arrive just as the previews start with their crew of 6 people on a sold out opening night and all want to sit together and then proceed to get upset when the only place where there are 6 seats together is in the front row - I just want to ask those people - "Did you JUST now decide to get 5 of your friends together and come to this movie? Didn't you plan at all?" But if I did that I'd face the potential of losing my own seat.

The other ones that kill me are the ones that come up and say "Oh could you please move so we can all sit together?" Uhm, no, it's not my fault you're a bad planner, I got here early so I could sit where I wanted to, you should try to do that next time.

Stardust was a really cute movie, if you enjoyed the Princess Bride then you'll enjoy this, its a fantasy/romance/comedy. Long story short - Boy likes Girl who is out of his reach, they live next to "magical land." King of Magical Land dies, 7 brothers vie for Kingdom by "catching" the fallen star which the king created right before he died. Boy tries to impress Girl by bringing back fallen star, instead falls in love with star all while trying to outrun brothers who are trying to take over the kingdom and a witch that wants to eat the star so she can remain young. Only to find out that his true love isn't who he thought it was to begin with.

My favorite part were the ghosts of the dead brothers, each one appears as they did when they died (one brother falls off a cliff so his face is smushed, another was in the bath so he's naked). Everytime someone would die and they were around they would "rate" how that person died.

There were a lot of knife fights and killings, but they almost never showed it on camera - so it's kid friendly in that respect, instead they let you imagine what it must have looked like.

Would I buy it? Yes

Yeah, that's all the review you get.


Rob7534 said...

This is next on my list! I want to watch this, and that sci-fi one... sunshine, or something.

Kat said...

I saw that today and looooved it. I'll probably buy it when it comes out. :)

The Sour Kraut said...

Do you really tell them no when you're asked to move? I'd cave.

Michael said...

TSK - I guess I'm mean like that...I got there early so I could have the seat I wanted, they should have too.