Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh la la - you gotta love the French

Oh my, I knew the French were good for something (besides giving us Antipodese), they also have Rugby. Antipodese posted the other day about one of their Caveman-esque rugby players, I must agree that even though he looks like he's Cro-Magnon Man, he's pretty hot! He looks like one of those boys that would let you do your business and then punch you in the face because he liked it!

So not only is Antipodese rugby crazy, it appears as though the rest of France is as well, especially some sandwich maker likes it too, because they've produced a calendar with Rugy Players wearing their underwear and stuffing foot longs in their mouths.

Check out this downloadable calendar HERE

You will never hear me complain about hot boys in underwear stuffing things in their mouths.......who knows you might get a punch in the face afterwards - and enjoy it!


The Big Finn said...

Those French will eat anything!

Ms Mac said...

Dearest Michael,

Please don't tell me you've never heard of the Dieux du Stade? What kind of a gay man are you?

Also here.

Funnily enough, I was thinking about you and calendars only yesterday- I was thinking about the Hot Priests and Hot Gondoliers and how I could get my hands on a couple of calendars.....

Andi said...

I''m hungry now.

Antipodeesse said...

I was afraid to admit having fallen in love with S├ębastien Chabal (I'm a chabaliste!), but it doesn't mean I love you any less Michael! You seem to be handling it extraordinarily well.

When are we going to have our hot date? will it be in Chicago or Paris? Oh la la !

Michael said...

TBF - I think you're right!

Ms. Mac - DROOL!!! I saw the "Hot Priest" Calendar a few weeks ago, I looked at it, felt dirty and put it back, I know, bad me!

Andi - I'm STARVING too!

Anti - Let's do Paris that way I can say to you "We'll always have Paris."