Friday, September 14, 2007

Pity the poor Sprinkles

No not the Porn Star Annie Sprinkles, the sprinkles that used to be on donuts.

The Dunkin Donuts that is across the street from our office was closed for 3-months this summer so that they could renovate the store and turn it from a regular Dunkin Donuts into a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins combo. Coffee - donuts - ice cream - what a deadly combination!

I'm not a coffee drinker, per se, but I do love me some Iced Coffee. I had been trying to wean myself from the terrible caffeine monster and it was very easy to do because the store was closed but NOW that they've reopened, I can't help myself.

I find myself mindlessly walking there every morning before I head into the office so that I can get a Large Iced Hazelnut with cream and sugar! Oh it's so yummy....and it makes me tingle about an hour after I drink and for some reason I get this huge burst of energy followed by an even stronger urge to curl up under my desk a la George Costanza and take a nap.

This morning as I approached the register the girl repeated my order before I even had a chance to open my mouth. I was both excited and appalled. Excited because it was 7 fewer words that I had to speak, especially that early in the morning and appalled because OMG am I that predictable? I guess that I am.

As I was standing there I looked over the donuts (I'm not a huge donut fan) and I saw that they only had one tray of sprinkle donuts and they weren't even fully covered in sprinkles! Only about a quarter of the top of the donut was covered in sprinkles the rest was just plain chocolate topping - now don't get me wrong, I love chocolate topping, especially right out of the container. But if a donut is labeled as "sprinkles" shouldn't there be more than 15 sprinkles on it? So I ordered one, just so I could take a picture of it and share it with you.

As I reached for my coffee it looked much smaller than before and I asked "Is this a large?" Oh no, that's a medium came the reply. She remakes my coffee and I walk out of the store knowing that I'm about to get my morning buzz on.

It's not until I get to the office, open my bag with it's sad little donut and go to shake up my coffee to mix in the sugar - when I realize, there's no freaking sugar in the coffee.

They really need to get better people to work there...honestly, how difficult is it to make coffee. Of all the food industries that are out there that serve the public - coffee maker at Dunkin Donuts has got to be the easiest. I mean it's not like Starbucks where you've got to learn what all the sizes mean and then know how to make all of those concoctions. At "The Double D" you really only have to maybe add some cream and some sugar - which is apparently a difficult task.

Excuse me while I ingest my caffeine.

Happy Friday!


Ms Mac said...

Oh dear. it sounds as though you're back in the thrall of caffeine. Or are you always this grumpy in t'mornin's?

Andi said...

That donut is appalling. It should be sprinkle without the S.