Monday, September 17, 2007

Shall we Wii?

Can I tell you that my purchase of a Nintendo Wii a few weeks back was THE BEST PURCHASE EVER!

We have played Wii everyday and sometimes way past our bedtimes as The Roommate confessed to me the other night - after he played 42 tennis matches!

I've already purchased too many games and we've had Wii Tournaments several times already. In fact i'm trying to organize a Wii Bowling League with some friends in the neighborhood!

Getting used to the controls is pretty simple but it truly makes gaming a whole new experience, no longer do you get "Atari Thumb" from mashing the button so much. No instead you get Wii Shoulder and Wii Elbow. Yesterday I was walking around Chicago with a friend when I said "Geez for some reason my right shoulder has really been bothering me for the last few days" Hmm....I guess I've been playing my own share of Tennis - it really is addictive.

The other "fun thing" about the Wii is that you get to create your own Mii a facial representation of yourself so that you know who is who when you're playing multi-player games. All I can say is that some of the Mii's on our console are eerily similar to their human owner!

The Wii is an amazing piece of equipment for the price, it includes Wi-Fi so you can connect to your network and all sorts of news and weather information, truly amazing.

So do you have a Wii? We should "link our Wii's and share our Mii's"

Do you love your Wii as much as we do?


Lori said...

My kids have a Wii and "we" have those little characters who look like all of us! I haven't played it much, but I can relate to the sore shoulder thing too (aren't we pathetic?!)

Thanks for the comments at my site. :-)

The Sour Kraut said...

Santa will be bringing a Wii for Christmas this year!!!

delmer said...

I bought one for the kids a couple of months ago. They were gone for a weekend and I spent *hours* playing the tank game that came with it.