Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She doesn't know me at ALL!

I got this email at work today. How she got my email address I'll never know. But really she doesn't know me at all.


My name is Natalia.

how are you?

I find your profile and e-mail on a site of acquaintances.

I want to find the more friend and my love.

If you is real are interested, answer to me and we can begin our acquaintance.

A little about me.

I was born 15 OCT 1979.

I work as the manager in the insurance company.

I want to find the man who can love me whom I will also ready to love and care.

And i believe, i can have all part of what you want in soulmate, out of thousands of people that is on here, i find you to be my true choice and i hope that you should feel the same way too.



really a wonderful moment as am writing this letter to you and i pray that i should hear a good and sweat reply from you.

You may be in long distance from me, but i believe that love can do everything.

I believe love can move mountain and love can turn people's life to wonderful life and sweet one. Ok, i wish that you should write me ine-mail and lets talk and get to know more about each other.

My new friend I ask you to write to me on e-mail:magnificent_nata@yahoo.com

because the Internet here is very bad, but on e-mail I can check my

mail easily.

I will be great to read a nice letter from you.

Hoping in God of love and in power of love I hope to hear from you.

Thanks for the reading my letter.


She doesn't know me at all does she? Should I write her back?


Ms Mac said...

Are you sure it's not one of your friends trying to "out" you as a secret straight man?

She is, after all, Natalia the Magnificent.

Adam said...

Admit it, you found her in a catalog.

The Sour Kraut said...

Oh no. First the doctor's office case of mistaken identity, now this.

Jelly said...

The least you can do is send her a good and sweat reply. Maybe an unwashed towel?

The Big Finn said...

I think we should ALL write her back. She obviously needs friends. The more the merrier, I always say.

Andi said...

Yeah Michael, write her back but make sure you give us all the juicy details!

Karen said...

Definitely write her back - tell her that you are a misunderstood Nigerian with millions of dollars - all you need is her bank details and password...