Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Weekend Recap with Lynda Carter

I know it's Wednesday and "Weekend Recaps" are supposed to be on Monday's but that's neither here nor there is it?

Friday - The day that I had been waiting weeks for arrived, we would soon be sitting face to face with the lovely Wonder Woman, er, I mean Lynda Carter! I had my front row tickets in my hand and could hardly wait to be sitting and staring into the lovely eyes of Wonder Woman! Oh how I hoped she would be wearing her Bracelets and her Lasso of Truth, had she ensnared me in her lasso I would be obliged to tell her that as a wee boy I watched her show every week and fell in love with her. Well I wouldn't say fell in love with her, I wanted to BE HER! I know, what little boy didn't want to be Wonder Woman.

But alas, I know that Lynda Carter is not really Wonder Woman, and I doubted that she would even acknowledge WW, but I still wanted to see her.

When we got to the theater I quickly found out that our so called Front Row Seats were not actually Front Row at all (Hey, I want my $65.00 + $10.50 convenience fee back) but instead we were the front row of the actual seats, there were tables and a swath of floor space about 15 feet between us and Wonder Woman, er Lynda! All I can say is that I'm glad that I didn't pop that money for those roses!

The theater probably holds about 450 people there are three "slices" to it and unfortunately only one slice was actually full, so there were about 100-150 people there.

Lynda has a good voice, not a great voice, but a good voice and she put on a very nice show. She sang "torch songs" and I knew most of them, which is always good. She sang for about an hour and a half, she did a little WW tribute where she spun around (but didn't change into her costume unfortunately), interacted with the audience and even did an encore.

She looks AMAZING and best of all, she seemed to have a really great time performing, to me that's the best part of it. For a performer to really be enjoying themselves means much more to me than whether they have 50 foot video screens and a thousand backup dancers.

Would I go see her again? Hmmm....I don't think so.....Would I buy a CD of hers? Probably.

Saturday - Today was the Great Lakes Clean Up Day so a friend and I headed over to our local Gay Beach, grabbed some blue gloves and trash bags and started picking up beach trash. NO, not the kind of beach trash you wouldn't take home to your mother, the other kind of beach trash - cigarette butts, cans, plastic, etc.

We had committed to working for an hour - because my friend had to go to work - so we got busy. It was also some other kind of "clean up day" so in addition to picking up trash, we had to count it as well. They wanted to see what the most picked up trash was.

We spent our hour combing the beach, picking, counting, throwing things in the bags, by the time we finished we had a nice collection of trash. As we walked back to the central table to turn in our trash I started counting: 136 cigarette butts, 15 soda caps, 23 pieces of food wrappers, amongst other pieces of trash etc.

The list they gave us had all sorts of things on it from Lobster Traps to Car Parts to 55 Gallon Drums, it was obviously a standard form so when I got back to the check-in table I pretended like we were on a scavenger hunt and told the little old lady "I'm still looking for that Lobster Trap and those condoms, can you point me in the right direction, I really want to win?" To which she gave me a look like a dog gives you when he hears a strange noise and cocks his head....I guess she didn't get my humor.

Sunday - I forget what happened on Sunday, must not have been that important!

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