Monday, September 10, 2007

Winter is coming

You can tell winter is coming sooner than later. It seems like only a few months back when George came up to watch the Super Bowl with us (well with my Roommate) and we were bitching about how cold it was.

Then we had a blast of furnace heat this summer with numerous days in the 90's and all of us running from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned office and then repeat the whole sequence at the end of the day - whew that was tiring!

Memorial Day is a distant memory and Labor Day has also passed, which means that there are no longer life guards at the beach and we can therefore swim out as far as we want to without being yelled at.

Yesterday was a perfect day at the beach with temps in the mid 70's and 6 blankets laid end to end so we all had enough space to do aerobics (if we wanted to), we blissfully hoped that this would not in fact be the "last beach day" of the season, as we all know that soon again tempertures will be dropping and we'll be bundling up in more and more clothing.

It is inevitable that winter will come once again, as much as we hope that it won't, every year around this time it happens. The stores start to put all of the summer clothes on clearance to make room for puffy jackets filled with down and pants made of heavy courdoury.

In fact, I purchased my first pair of winter cords yesterday while I was doing some shopping, a most definite sign of winters impending arrival.

As I was flipping channels last night another bastion of the impending doom of winter appeared on the TV - FOOTBALL! Oh for god's sake, baseball isn't even freaking over yet!

On top of that, I also found a grey hair, not on my head.....not in my goatee...a little further south....further south....yeah right there?!? So I've confirmed that Winter is coming AND I'm getting older, and here you were hoping for a happy ending!

You'll need to get your own happy ending next time you get a massage, just ask about it!


CanadianSwiss said...

Our summer was crap (or very early - April/May were fantastic!), but at least you guys have a "real" winter, not like this European wet, 35°-37°F, "I'm not sure if it should really be called winter" thing. said...

A week ago I saw Christmas items on display in Copenhagen. There is more coming than just winter.

The Big Finn said...

Michael - Now that Labor Day has passed, I hope you've put your white pants/belt/shoes away for the winter.

The Sour Kraut said...

Micheal, you are too funny!

Yes, winter is coming. I said goodbye to The Swede until the end of the football season when he returns to be part of our family again.

Andi said...

I went shopping this afty at Giant eagle and I was wearing jeans!

Mind you, at least it will be pleasant when I get to Chicago. It will won't it?

I don't do cold.

Michael said...

CS - I'm so sorry to hear that?

Gomad - That doesn't surprise me at all.

TBF - What makes you think I have white pants? I do, but what makes you think I have white pants?

TSK - You poor woman, come into the city and we'll have a day of beauty!

Andi - It's always sunny when you visit!

david said...

Did you have help in finding your stray gray? giggles