Friday, October 05, 2007

And your little dog too!

The Britney train wreck continues!

It was reported on the radio this morning that Britney was instructed by the Family Court to turn over her lovely pooches to The K-Fed!

The Family Court has told Britney to give the dogs to K-Fed so that her poor little chrildrens have some sort of normalcy in their life and that they're used to being around the dogs and that way K-Fed will not have to interact with the childrens and screw them up any more than they are.

You need to read this Open Letter from Britney's Kids, it's hilarious!

Apparently she can't even be trusted with Dogs, the poor little bitch (I mean the dog, not Britney)


Tony said...

I proudly admit that I'm a huge Britney Spears fan! I love her music and I love the fact that she doesn't give shit what people think. I wish I had skin that thick!

Michael said...

Tony - You know, I like her music too. I'll admit that I bought her albums and I love singing "Oops, I did it again"

But I think her problem is that he has no sense of reality. She has been "in the biz" since she was what 7 or 8 and has no idea what the real world is like - which is really sad.

I think she has a group of handlers who coddle her and shield her from what's really going on and telling her that everything is alright - when in fact it's a huge cluster f*ck!

I feel bad for her, I mean at 25 her life is just totally destroyed.

I just think that she's been sheltered for so long that she just doesn't know which end is up any longer.