Monday, October 01, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Britney loses babies!

It was only a matter of time!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything Britney, I'm sure you've had to go to other sources to find information and for that I am truly sorry.

But hey, it was summer, I was having fun and it was too difficult to keep up with all of the crap that Britney was pulling, I guess it was summer for her too!

News just came out that she has finally lost custody of her little crumbsnatchers, those poor little tykes! I really do feel for the childrens, I mean they're the ones who are going to get hurt in all of this.
The only good thing about this is that the kids are way too young to be able to remember all of this crap, but unfortunately we won't have another Mommie Dearest movie in 20 years - that's what I was really looking forward to!

According to a report that was posted 1 minute ago (see I told you this was breaking news) The Britster has finally been told to give the kids to The Fed(erline)

That took a lot longer than we all expected.

So who had the square in the pool for October 1st? Just let me know and I'll send you your prize.


Andi said...

Can you believe that when they got married everyone was all "OMG he is a dirt bag"? and how the tides have turned. I'm sorry but I was a single parent of 3 kids at 25, no money etc., yet managed to not get the kids taken off me. She has all these millions and loses them? NO-ONE in her camp is good for her. She needs to just lay low - though I know that is difficult with all the paps around her all the time. it makes me sick to see all the cameras etc., following her wherever she goes but you know what? Once you have kids you have to sort your priorities out. She didn't and look where it got her.

Ooh Michael, as my dear friend Celine would say "Don't get me started, I'm a talker" but with a French Canadian accent of course...

This whole topic bothers me A LOT.

The Sour Kraut said...

It's sad when we think Kevin Federline is the better choice to parent those kids.