Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hookers and Junkies and Queers. OH MY!

Really I meant:

Parkas and Sweaters and Mittens, OH MY!

Just this past weekend we were basking on the glorious sands of Lake Gitchigome, aka Lake Michigan enjoying the sun blasting on our faces while marathon runners were dropping like flies because of the high humidity and temperatures near 90! We were basking the wonder that is Global Warming and wondering "How can anyone complain about this?"

Today it's 45 degrees and I've pulled out my leather coat and long sleeved shirt. But as I was walking for my morning coffee I passed people wearing:
- hats
- scarves
- mittens
- HUGE winter parka with the hood up

Now granted, it's 45 degrees outside, it's brisk.......not freezing. Plus if they had a little meat on their bones they wouldn't need to pull on the parka so early!

BOO - Autumn is here, are you ready?


Hot Toddy said...

I love fall! I'm so ready for it. Heading to the Oregon coast this weekend, and there is no more beautiful time to be there.

Ms Mac said...

They sound Swiss! The Swiss rug up as soon as the evenings start getting darker and look at me like I'm insane if I dare to wear 3/4 length jeans past the middle of September!

Michael said...

Hot Toddy - Have fun - bundle up!

Ms. Mac - Rug Up! I love that!

CanadianSwiss said...

Well, it WAS about time! I was becoming so jealous of all the hot, sunny weather you were getting over there!

But there is one nice thing about the colder seasons: Cuddling up ;)

The Big Finn said...

My god...the Baslers have been wearing coats, hats, and scarves for over a month now. As soon as the daytime high dips below 70˚, the Swiss are bringing out their winter clothes while I'm trying to decide whether or not I should switch from shorts to long pants. cousin from Canada was one of those nuts running in the Chicago Marathon last weekend. She's a nurse, and it took her an hour longer than usual to run the darn thing because she had to help so many of the "dropping flies".

The Sour Kraut said...

I felt like a neglectful mother when, out at the bus stop this morning, my child had on a light sweatshirt while the other family's kids had on their down coats.