Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm sick and tired

Wow, what a week it's been. Thank goodness we had the contest going to hold us over.

It really has been a crazy week, I can totally understand why Britney lost custody and visitation rights for her kids.

Like Brad & Angelina we decided to adopt a child, we didn't go to Cambodia, we went to the local kitty shelter and ended up walking out with a pussy in tow, we were so not ready for it to happen so quickly. We thought that it would take a few weeks and would require a lawyer so that we had plenty of time to think it through. I didn't even have time to paint the nursery.

Two days after Kitty arrived he started coughing and sneezing, two days later he was at the vet. The only thing was, I was sick at the same time. I didn't go to work Monday/Tuesday because I felt like crap, all I wanted to do was lay in bed and fantasize about Judge Judy getting it doggy style from Judge Mathis. It was maddening having to care for another while I was ill myself, I don't know how you Mothers do it?

Also during this same time frame my computer got sick as well. A friend came over and was downloading some things to my computer and ended up accidentally downloading a Trojan. All I can say is that those Trojans are nasty! But I seriously feel as though all of the "spyware & virus" software makers are colluding with the virus makers so that they can keep themselves in business.

My computer is so bad off that I have to restore it to Factory Default - which I think is Windows 3.1 or some other godforsaken version.

Fortunately the weekend has been fabulous. The weather has been perfect (who keeps saying that Global Warming isn't good for something?) We thought we had our last beach day two weeks ago, but today was a perfect day for it.

So even though it's been a sickening week, it was still a good week.

I will compile the answers for the contest and post the poll soon.

How was your weekend?


Andi said...

I worked.

Rob7534 said...

The weekend was Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, and more Work! At least for me. I can't fake call in sick like you! :)

5 of 9er said...

I was happy to get outside and ride the bike and sit by the lake. It is something I thought about doing all summer long... but I never made it to the lake - not even once this past summer. And I live in Lakeview. Hope you, kitty, and computer are getting better. said...

Well, I drunk and dined in a five star hotel for free and hopped then on a plane, which brought me to the naval vessel on wich I'm sailing now.

Tony said...

hope this week has started out better than last!