Monday, November 12, 2007

Spider Man 3 is SO GAY!

Last night was Movie Night. We were running a little late and didn't get there until after the movie had already been picked and was just my selection of movies really didn't make it into the running, plus I had already brought the one that they were watching so I knew that we were going to end up watching that one, which was cool with me.

My friends that originally organized Movie Night hosted last night because they had just gotten a new flat screen tv - it was a virgin, it was so lovely!

We watched Spider Man 3, which is cool I really enjoyed the first two and everyone loves a super hero movie.

But what the fuck is up with Spider Man 3, it was so fucking GAY! And for me to say that, you know it must be gay!

One of the great things about Movie Night is that talking along is allowed and encouraged. It's sort of like a gay Mystery Science 3000. We had all sorts of story lines going, but the biggest one was that Peter & Harry were closet lovers, I mean the way they were acting with each other you would have sworn that they had butt fucked! Oh woe is me, boo hoo, you killed my kiss not like that, like this......oh boo hoo....I've got a girlfriend I can't have sex with becuase I live in a studio - why the fuck doesn't he live with her? I mean her apartment was crap, his was crap, but they could have easily afforded a much nicer space of crap together.....Oh that's right because Spider Man was GAY in this movie!

So in touch with his feelings, his emotions. I swear there were looks that they gave each other that were so subtle only the eye of a gay man would see it. Those looks of longing and "I'm all alone."

Overall I liked Spider Man 3, it took a while to get going, but the special effects were amazing (expected) and the story line did move the plot along. The only thing that really confused me was the whole long after Spider Man 2 does Spider Man 3 occur? At some points they were making references that it had just happened last week and then other times it was like years away!?!? I'm confused.

So, I give it 3 out of 5 stars, but only because it was SO GAY!!!

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Andi said...

Even Georgia thought it was gay! She said all he did was cry throughout the whole movie....

No, I don't think I'll be seeing this one!

Mind you, that guy who plays that big sand thing (saw it in the ad) is a hottie....... used to be in Ned and Stacey.