Monday, December 17, 2007

GE must need a big tax write off this year

The Roommate is watching that "Clash of the Choirs" program on NBC. I came into it late so didn't quite get what was going on....all I saw were soliders and Generals and thinking to myself "Ah, GE is trying to bolster support for the war." Which is a great thing, I think at this time of the year (hell all year long) that we have to remember that there is a War going on....even though we're carrying on as "normal" and pretending that nothing is really going on....but there IS a WAR Going on, and we do need to remember to support our troops. Those men and women that are over there fighting for my right to be an American Citizen. I could never be a solider and was very disappointed when the "don't ask, don't tell" policy came into being. I had a great escape planned to Canada if I would ever been called to service...thank goodness that never I continue wathing "Clash of the Choirs" and suddenly the head of GE, who happens to be a Brigadire General, enters the stage and says that GE is donating $250 Million USD to the Disabled Veterans Fund.....yeah GE, that's great....that's wonderful what you're doing.....You are so generous during this time of're basically giving the US Government're "donating" $250M to support Disabled Veterans.....veterans that the US Government should be taking care of because they're veterans........but they're not because they've spent so much freaking money on this stupid endless I guess GE must be needing a big tax write off this year because of their donation......because they give the $250M away and then they get to write it off too....right?


The Big Finn said...

I wish GE had used the $250 million to pay me a dividend when I owned their stinkin' under-performing stock!!!

Andi said...

But Michael, you KNOW you'd look cute in a uniform!