Monday, December 24, 2007

It doesn't seem like the holidays.

I think it's me because it doesn't seem like the Holidays at all. It just seems like a really busy, pushy time of year. Holidays used to be a time when we could reflect on the year that's gone by remembering the good times and reminding ourselves about the not so good times.

One thing I love about living in Chicago is being able to enjoy Chicago. Right now I'm sitting in my local grocery store watching the frenzy around me. People pushing and shoving to get in line to buy the few things they need to hold them over for the day and half that the store will be closed (which reminds me, we need milk). On the Magnificent Mile people are even ruder, I witnessed a woman with a dog, in the mall get mad at a kid who stepped on her precious little creature because the mall was packed and I thought you weren't allowed to have lahopsa opsas in the mall I don't think it was a seeing eye dog.

Christmas seems so commercial here in the've got to have this, your loved one will love this, don't forget aunt so-and-so, it seems endless.

Although I may not be with my family this year, I actually am with my family – my Friends. This is what Christmas is about – not running around buying presents for people who wont remember next year what you bought them last year but feel obligated to do so – no Christmas is the time to be around the ones you love. In that respect, I've had a great Holiday.

So while you're running around in the hustle and bustle of all that is life, just take a deep breath and realize exactly what is important.

Happy Holidays!

2 comments: said...

As I learned in this tv add when I was in Canada - it's all about the giving... anyway... Merry Christmas, Michael.

Anonymous said...

What a great sentiment, Michael! I'm glad we got to spend New Year's Eve Eve watching Sweeney T! Hugs - David