Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wamu is watching my back

Wamu is watching my back
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I think it's so great that Wamu is watching my back. I've got a credit card with them that has a zero balance so they sent me this checks so I can access those unutilized dollars.

First off they're offering me an amazing 1.99%* Introductory APR for only 6 months and then it's going to only go up to 12.24% + The then current Prime Rate, currently just 19.99%

Oh then on top of it they're going to charge me a 3% "transaction fee" to just cash the check (with a $5 minimum/$75 maximum).


I hate these stupid fucking "convenience checks" that the bank just sends all the fucking time so that I'll fall for their stupid little ploy to make them more money.

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Do people still use checks?