Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So cold......

It's so cold here, we were having a perfectly good winter with a 12+ day run of temps below freezing and then this past weekend it got all the way up to 48 degrees, just ruined the whole winter for me. I would much rather the temperature stay below zero the entire winter instead of flucuating up and down every other day. It just complicates life too much when you don't know what to wear or how cold it's going to get.

When I got home from work yesterday around 5:00 it was 46 degrees and raining - when I went to bed around 9:30 it was 4 degrees (yes that's a 42 degree drop)with the wind howling and snow blowing everywhere.

This morning it was -2. It is so cold that when I walked outside my nose hairs froze and frost accumulated on my moustache. It's so cold that your teeth hurt like when you bite into an ice cream cone in the middle of summer, your lungs burn with the first inhalation. And worse than that, my testicles have suddenly turned into a necklace, hopefully they'll return to normal soon. I look like Peter Griffin from "Family Guy"

When I got to my car, it was practically cleared of snow, I thought some good samaratin had cleaned it off for me since I hadn't driven it in a few days. It was only as I got closer that I realized it was the wind that had completely cleared off my car for me. I started Sassy and grabbed my windshield scraper and braced myself for the next few minutes I would have to be outside to scrape the ice off of my windows. Fortunately it was just a little crusty and not like an inch of ice/snow. The first pass of the scraper did ice came I did it again, and was again surprised that it was empty....but my windshield was covered in ice. WTF?

Here's a little video to show you what was going on.

Do you realize how hard it is to use your 2 foot scraper on the inside of your car? Really, do you?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hope you had a good weekend

I just got the new Flip Video Camera and I wanted to send out a quick greeting on Friday Night to wish you a happy ending......well you'll just need to see what happened.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Apparently I'm not the only one

That's miffed a Facebook for having it's stupid little requirement of signing up 20 or more people just so you can get a glimpse at their little "applications" that you add to your system.

The always delectable Andi-licious sent me this link:

Oh but wait, you have to sign up to view it, so here it is:

No, I will NOT invite 20 friends just to add your application!

Are you sick of spending time adding a new application and then discovering that you are required to invite 20 friends before you can do anything with it?

This group is a place to list every app you come across that has this requirement so we can all simply choose 'ignore' or 'cancel' (or even 'block' or 'report'!) - vote with your mouse!

There's an A-Z listing available- if you've come across one that isn't already listed (please check first) you can add it to the 'Suggested Additions' topic or send me a message, and I'll update the list.

Maybe if enough people stay away from these apps (or remove them) the developers will get the idea - if the app is good enough people will invite their friends of their own free will, the way it should be.

There is then a link to the entire list of applications (I'm sure it's not complete) and it goes on listing more than 290 apps.

STOP it Facebook!

Not surprising, there is also a petition to stop this stupid practice, but again you have to be on Facebook so if you want to sign up, check it out:

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I hate Facebook!

Oh I know right away I'm gonna rile some feathers with a post headline like that aren't I? And I know exactly who you are right now.

Yes, Facebook is cool.....Facebook is the new "it" toy of the interwebs, everyone's got to be on Facebook. Apparently the CEO of the organization I work for sent a link to all of the Higher Ups from Facebook and because of our firewalls, they couldn't see it -- Oops....

I don't get Facebook...and it shouldn't feel bad, I don't "get" MySpace either. I don't know, I just don't get it....not their fault.

But here's why I hate Facebook. Of all of the interactions I've had with it, I love it. I think it's a great little tool, it's fun, but there's too much crap going on while you're there. But it's a little scary too, if you ask me. Last week I ordered tickets from Fandango....and Facebook knows about it - but how facebook knows about it, I don't know. Because my Fandango account is under a completely different email account than my Facebook email account, so how the hell does Facebook know?

The other thing that bugs me about Facebook is that there's all these little games and things, which in itself is pretty cool where you can challenge your friends to take trivia games or play scrabble. Oh yeah, did you hear they're getting sued by Milton Bradley, apparently Scrabolicious is just Facebooks own little version of the game and they don't think that people will confuse Scrabulous with the real Scrabble.....uhm, yeah, cuz I thought it was owned by Milton Bradley.

The games and all are cool, but every now and then you get one where they'll only reveal your score AFTER you forward it onto 20 of your friends. Now that pisses me off to no end, because I don't have 20 friends on Facebook, which means I'll never get to see my scores.....because I'll never have 20 friends on Facebook....those fuckers....but on the other hand, I don't have a problem with that on MySpace. Whenever I log in there I've got 42 "Friend Reqeusts".....from women......hmmmm.....maybe if I could get some of that on Facebook I'd finally be able to see my score for that game I played!

But fuck you Facebook, I'm not making any more friends at your place....

Why do you hate Facebook?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears loses her baby

Thank goodness for my friend David from Loopy Fruit otherwise I never would have known about Jamie Lynn losing her baby.

It's terrible terrible news, I can't believe that she lost custody of her fetus already, I guess she's been taking notes from her big sis.

Here's the article

Stimulate the economy?

How the hell are we supposed to stimulate the economy with only $300?

Why don't they just give the money to Apple and give everyone an iPod instead.

I bet we're gonna have to "claim" it next year on our taxes....I would rather you just keep your money then and let me do what I normally do - pay too much in so you get to use my money interest free and then just give me a big lump sum of it the following year, that plan has been working for me.

I wonder if we can "opt out" of the tax relief program?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloverfield - A Movie Review

I was glad that it was only 74 minutes long. Now don't get me wrong, I liked Cloverfield and I had been following it as closely as I could without finding out too much about it to spoil the movie. Abrams did a great job of keeping the monster "hidden" from public view and seemed to even release images that had nothing to do with the movie to give people what they wanted. I was even mad at myself for coming across an image of the "monster" and looking at it after it was posted on someone's blog. The funny thing......the monster that was posted wasn't ANYTHING like the actual monster - what a great idea from Abrams - leak the wrong image, people will get what they want and be satisifed and then still be totally shocked when they find out it wasn't anything they thought it was.

Cloverfield was a good movie, but the handheld camera action makes for a very difficult viewing, several times during the show I had to close my eyes and take a few minutes to "calm my stomach." It was very much "Blair Witch"esque. As a side note, a few years ago some friends and I made a movie, my one friend loved to use zoom on the camera, I kept telling him "NO ZOOM" while we were watching Cloverfield I leaned over and said "Now do you see why I said NO ZOOM?"

The story overall was good, the images of what happened was very reminiscent of 9/11, it made it feel as though you were there experiencing it yourself, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. There was a point where the movie got ridiculous and made me ask myself "why would someone do that" regardless of the situation that was going on around them.

I did keep asking myself though "Wow, these people were in the wrong place and the wrong time where ever they went in this movie, I'm so glad they had a video camera with them to capture it." Oh yeah and "What the hell kind of batter do you have on that camcorder that it lasted for 12 hours?!? Mine usually dies after an hour or so, I guess those New Yorkers have better batteries.

Will I buy it when it comes out.....hmmmmm.....maybe, I'm not sure yet. Go see it, but be sure to take a Dramamine before you go, you'll thank me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cloverfield - A Review

A gaggle of us girls went to see Cloverfield tonight. All I'll say is that it literally made me sick, and not in the sense of made me sick like disgusted, no made sick as in literally sick to my stomach and gave me a headache.

I loved it.

More later, I have to go put my head down.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't sit down, Stand Up!

I hate making New Years Resolutions, basically because it's just more pressure that you put on yourself for something that you're not going to do, but this year I did "tell" myself that I was going to try to go to the gym more often (I've been twice this week) as well as a few other things I wanted to accomplish this year.

Last night I checked off another list of the "things" and it scared the crap out of me.....I went to an open mic program at a local coffee shop.....and I participated.

I actually got in front of a group of about 30 people and spent a few minutes on stage trying to be funny, well at least I thought I was trying to be funny.

Granted this was an open mic and several of the guys that went up before me got even fewer laughs than I did and I swear there were crickets for one guy. It's hard to be funny ALL the time, I think we get jaded by these TV Comedians because every joke they tell is funny - but what people don't realize is that that person probably told 20 more jokes that weren't funny until they hit on the funny one.

I did get a few laughs, which is cool, but they weren't from what I thought I would ge the laughs from, it's a lot harder to do Stand Up than you think it is.

The only problem is that I used all of my material I had in just a few minutes so now I've got to get back to writing more jokes.....please send me your funny one liners so I can steal them and not give you credit!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Originally uploaded by Michael_L

I'm a notorious saver. I save all sorts of weird kind of ephemera, match books, toothpicks, ticket stubs are a big one, birthday cards, letters from family. I have "stacks" of these types of things hidden around my house, in drawers, on shelves, in boxes. Most people would think it's clutter but it's not, it's very organized.

Cards are together, vacations are in ziplock bags so everything from the trip is together, letters are with letters, but I have them hidden around the house where you don't run into them every day. Ticket stubs are in a box, in chronological order (except for Movie Ticket Stubs, those are thrown in with my change collector.

The other day I was rooting through a drawer looking for a disk and I came across a cache of these items. There were a couple trip bags, one from New York City, one from Cancun, birthday cards and letters from my grandmother.

Typically I would stop what I was doing and take a few minutes to look through the things...I mean that's the whole reason I "hid" them to begin with, so I'd find them sometime later when I was probably looking for something else.

But I didn't do that this time, instead I found my disk and shoved everything back in it's place.

Today I was picking up around the computer area and I found this folded up piece of paper with typewriting on it. I thought it was a letter from my Mom, but instead it was this poem from my friend.

There's not a date on this, but I figure that this is at least 10 years old, with that, I want to share this with you:


I saw a friend cry last night
not from any pain or fright
but simply from a single word
that cause so much grief and hurt.

I don't think he knew
how each of his tears slew
a little bit of happiness in my heart
how it hurt to see him fall apart.

I didn't cry for him that night
though if I'd watched him a little longer I thought I might
I did, however, feel bad
that I'd seen him so vulnerable and sad.

Not for me for I feel it was fine
but for him inside his mind
because I don't think he wanted me to know
that within him tears also flow.

I pretend to have seen nothing
though I know it will bring
a denial on both sides
of emotions either wants to hide.

So to him I would like to say
that I'd really like to be friends with him in future days
and I hope that you know my friend,
that it is okay to cry again.

It obviously fell out of it's place for a reason.

About that poem

The author of the poem above is a wonderful friend of mine and I wanted to let you know that if you enjoyed his poem, he has a collection of his poetry available from Amazon. Check it out HERE

Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

When did Wired become such a Vogue?

I recently had to use or lose some Airline Miles with a carrier I don't fly any longer and they gave me the option of getting some magazines instead.

If there's one thing that I like is magazines, they don't take long to read, they're portable and you can throw them in the I mean recycle, when you're finished with them.

One of the magazines I started getting was WIRED, which I thought was a technology magazine, but apparently I was confused. I've gotten two issues so far and I'm still marveling at how much of a nontechnology magazine this is. Its almost like Maxim or Radar - and yes I subscribe to those too. I know those are "Mens Magazines" but if you recall, I love The Girls Next Door.

Some of the amazing highlights include an article on how to count cards and sleep on two hours a day and an article on how Nair works....all in that cutesy kind of pencil drawn pictures with captions.

I was startled at the number of ads, so I did a little count. Out of 172 pages (and that includes 4 pages for front/back cover) there were 80 full pages of advertisements, that's almost 47% ads.

At least on tv they only bombard us with about 26% ads (unless you're watching the infomercial channel).

Fortunately 29 pages (36.25%) were at least tech related (computers, etc), there were 2 pages each for (2.5%) for classified ads, software, cellular service and surprisingly travel. The big kicker was 22 pages (27.5%) devoted to Automobiles (now granted that could be because the cover was devoted to developing a fuel efficient car) followed by 11 pages (13.75%) geared towards credit cards and financial services, what?

The ones that really surprised me though were:
- 5 pages (6.25%) focusing on a technology magazine.

- 3 pages (3.75%) of the pages were Goodwill ads (you know the ones where the big corporations say "oh look at all the wonderful things we do while we're raping America)

- 1 page (1.25%) and the back cover at that, was entirely devoted to, I think, a faucet. The Bold Look of Kohler. But I don't get the ad, what are they trying to convey? Here's a 50's looking woman flying a futuristic plane all while keeping her hair out of her eyes in an open cockpit with running water. Huh?

You tell me, what does this ad say to you?

The back of Wired Magazine

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My pussy is into water sports

Right about now, Ms. Mac is saying "not another bloody pussy post." while King da Cat is yelling "more pussy.....more pussy."

So I'm sorry to the both of them....but the cat thing is very intriguing and I just need to share with you.

Meowzebub is obsessed with water. He drinks out of his water bowl, the dogs water bowl, the toilet bowl, any open source of water and this cat has his face buried in it.

I was thinking of getting one of those kitty fountains, the one where the water is constantly circulated, but I'm afraid that this cat will get obsessed even more, the last thing I need is a cat with a fetish.

Is this obsession with water normal?

p.s. I promise this won't turn into a pussy blog....honest!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My pussy wants to eat me

El Gato Furizales has been enjoying his new home. He's no longer skinny (in fact he's pretty heft right now) and he's spending most of his days sleeping on my roommates bed.

When we first brought EGF home he slept with me every night, but then a month later he started sleeping with the roommate - that traitor!

And now he wants to eat me. Well, let me back up a little bit. Last year I rearranged the "computer area" and created a desk out of some construction horses and an interior door. So I've got a HUGE desk, with lots of space and everything I need. The one joy in life that EGF has is jumping on the desk while I'm on the computer and stretching out to his fullest length and torture me.

He loves to lay his head on the keyboard and persistently press the enter key so it's impossible to type anything. His other favorite thing is to rest his head on my hand while I'm holding the mouse, which means that I can only move the mouse a little bit and can't really type because if I move my hand he won't have anyplace to rest his head.....little bastard.

But recently he's taken on a new way to torment me. While he's laying on the desk and I'm petting him, he has recently gotten into nipping at me while I'm doing that. Not hard biting, but little nips, I've been trying to stop him from doing it by tapping him on the nose quickly, but he still likes to do it.

So I started reading up on the internet to see what I could do to stop him and to figure out why he was doing it. Most of the sites said that I should let him nip me because he's not doing it out of anger but because I'm petting him, it seems like grooming to him and he's just showing his appreciation. And truthfully he doesn't bite hard and he has never broken the skin, but it's irksome.

So I figured I'd follow the experts and let EGF continue with his little nipping, figuring that he would eventually grow out of it. So as he would nip at me, I would stick my finger straight out so the only way he could bite me was if my finger was stuck down his throat - who knew a cat didn't have a gag reflex. That's all well and good until he moves his head to the side and tries to chew my finger with his molars.

That's when I realized that my cat isn't being friendly back, the fucker wants to eat me!

So I've got a new nickname for EGF, he can also now be known as "Meowzebub" that little devil

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm embarrassed, please don't read this post

OMG, WTF am I doing reading that sleaze bag Perez Hilton? I guess because I was on MSNBC and they referenced his blog.....fuckers!

I'll readily admit that I love the celebrity dirt, I mean who doesn't love watching Britney shave her hair off, it's a classic that will never be topped.....but I just don't get Perez.

He is the bitterest, nastiest Queen I have never met, and believe me you, I've met some Bitter Queens in my day.

I just don't get him at all, he's not newsworthy, all he does is post really poorly photoshopped pictures and some vitriolic words scrawled across them that he probably thinks are funny - but in reality aren't, and believe me you, I know funny.

As I was looking at the posts I saw that some had 200 comments and most had more than 50. I figured with that many comments there must be some good comentary going on under the covers.....OMG, was I wrong. The first 50 or 60 posts of page is someone saying "FIRST" or "1st"

I don't get the whole thing of being first? Are you trying to tell the world that you have no life and that you frantically wait for Perez to post a message so you can say you were the first one to see it? No one ever does that on my blog.....

My favorite post thought was titled: When Z Listers Blog, I'm sorry....but isn't Perez a Z Lister?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

American Gladiators

OH MY GOD....American Gladiators is back....yeah!!!!!!!! I used to love this show, those muscle men were so freaking hot.

I love all of the "characters" of American's just like Professional Wrestling, and now that they've got Paul Hogan as the emcee, I guess it is Professional Wrestling.

I guess what's cool though is.....that American Gladiators was like the "original" reality program way back then. It was everyday people getting in the ring.

This is the kind of Reality TV we need, not this touchy feely kinda reality programs that are on now. I wanna see blood and gore on TV. They've been teasing us long enough with ER and the other Hospital Drama's, we might actually get to see some real blood now.

I wonder if this is how the Romans started?

Friday, January 04, 2008

I got a Ticket!

Oh, I'm so mad right now....can you believe I got a ticket?!? Those bastards.

No, I didn't get a ticket to the hottest new musical on Broadway (I wouldn't be bitching about that) and I didn't get a ticket from the Fashion Police (although sometimes I do deserve one) and I didn't get a ticket from the Men in Blue.

No, I got a ticket at work, and not for a raffle either. I got an "Energy Ticket"

We are in the throes of "going green" there are signs all over the building reminding us to turn off water faucets, turn off conference room lights - all what I consider common sense things to do. I mean who leaves the bathroom but leaves the water in the sink running? It goes further though to tell us that we should turn off our lights if we're going to be away from our office for more than 5 minutes or if we have a coffee pot, we should turn off the printer and we should turn off our powerstrip instead of just turning off the computer.

As an "incentive" for going green we're being audited on a daily basis and if we've lowered our energy consumption we get to wear blue jeans for one freaking day!

So what are people doing? They're going so far as to remove two of the flourescent bulbs in the overhead lights (there's three so they still have one) or not even turning on hall lights at all, it's like a freaking morgue in here....all for wearing jeans one day?!?

Oh yeah, and how did I get the ticket to start with? Well I have a laptop so I put it away every night before I leave but the monitor goes into "sleep" mode. Since I didn't push the button to turn off the monitor I got the following cutesy, but oh so annyoing ticket taped to my monitor this morning:


You have been audited. You forgot to turn off your lights, computer equipment, coffee pot, printer or an electric appliance in your office.

Reduce our energy usage by turning off everything when you leave for an extended period of time.

Thank you!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about "going green" but it's not going green, it's called being cheap. At least call it what it is "We can't afford to pay our electric bill so we're asking you to work in the dark."

I'm surprised I didn't get a ticket for having the voicemail because there's that little light there to tell you...and we all know that it SUCKS ENERGY like there's no tomorrow!

I think I'll bring my iron into work and leave it plugged in all day......but don't worry I'm saving my ticket and putting it back on my monitor so that the next person thinks I already got on.....that'll be a lot more fun than just pushing the button.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It takes a lot of guts to post this!

One of my bestest girlfriends in the whole world posted this to Flickr......can you tell which one is me?