Monday, January 28, 2008

Apparently I'm not the only one

That's miffed a Facebook for having it's stupid little requirement of signing up 20 or more people just so you can get a glimpse at their little "applications" that you add to your system.

The always delectable Andi-licious sent me this link:

Oh but wait, you have to sign up to view it, so here it is:

No, I will NOT invite 20 friends just to add your application!

Are you sick of spending time adding a new application and then discovering that you are required to invite 20 friends before you can do anything with it?

This group is a place to list every app you come across that has this requirement so we can all simply choose 'ignore' or 'cancel' (or even 'block' or 'report'!) - vote with your mouse!

There's an A-Z listing available- if you've come across one that isn't already listed (please check first) you can add it to the 'Suggested Additions' topic or send me a message, and I'll update the list.

Maybe if enough people stay away from these apps (or remove them) the developers will get the idea - if the app is good enough people will invite their friends of their own free will, the way it should be.

There is then a link to the entire list of applications (I'm sure it's not complete) and it goes on listing more than 290 apps.

STOP it Facebook!

Not surprising, there is also a petition to stop this stupid practice, but again you have to be on Facebook so if you want to sign up, check it out:

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