Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloverfield - A Movie Review

I was glad that it was only 74 minutes long. Now don't get me wrong, I liked Cloverfield and I had been following it as closely as I could without finding out too much about it to spoil the movie. Abrams did a great job of keeping the monster "hidden" from public view and seemed to even release images that had nothing to do with the movie to give people what they wanted. I was even mad at myself for coming across an image of the "monster" and looking at it after it was posted on someone's blog. The funny thing......the monster that was posted wasn't ANYTHING like the actual monster - what a great idea from Abrams - leak the wrong image, people will get what they want and be satisifed and then still be totally shocked when they find out it wasn't anything they thought it was.

Cloverfield was a good movie, but the handheld camera action makes for a very difficult viewing, several times during the show I had to close my eyes and take a few minutes to "calm my stomach." It was very much "Blair Witch"esque. As a side note, a few years ago some friends and I made a movie, my one friend loved to use zoom on the camera, I kept telling him "NO ZOOM" while we were watching Cloverfield I leaned over and said "Now do you see why I said NO ZOOM?"

The story overall was good, the images of what happened was very reminiscent of 9/11, it made it feel as though you were there experiencing it yourself, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. There was a point where the movie got ridiculous and made me ask myself "why would someone do that" regardless of the situation that was going on around them.

I did keep asking myself though "Wow, these people were in the wrong place and the wrong time where ever they went in this movie, I'm so glad they had a video camera with them to capture it." Oh yeah and "What the hell kind of batter do you have on that camcorder that it lasted for 12 hours?!? Mine usually dies after an hour or so, I guess those New Yorkers have better batteries.

Will I buy it when it comes out.....hmmmmm.....maybe, I'm not sure yet. Go see it, but be sure to take a Dramamine before you go, you'll thank me.


Ms Mac said...

I'm a sucker for a good scary movie and I'd read good reviews of this one so I'm looking forward to it. I loved the hand-held work of Blair Witch so I should be ok, shouldn't I?

Ice John's World said...

I am not sure about the shaking camera style for this movie either. The motion sickness comes with the movie was not that fun. And that hand-held device must be made of super strong steel or something that it did not even break during all those crashing.

Anonymous said...

I thought the battery was extra durable, too! Perhaps when the gang went into the looted electronics store Hud grabbed some extra battery packs? But the character Hud wasn't that smart, was he?

m00nchild said...

As you may or may not have noted from my blog, I came away the movie with a smile on my face. And I'm going to get that DVD and convert everyone I know into raving Cloverfield fans one play button at a time.

Anonymous said...

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