Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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I'm a notorious saver. I save all sorts of weird kind of ephemera, match books, toothpicks, ticket stubs are a big one, birthday cards, letters from family. I have "stacks" of these types of things hidden around my house, in drawers, on shelves, in boxes. Most people would think it's clutter but it's not, it's very organized.

Cards are together, vacations are in ziplock bags so everything from the trip is together, letters are with letters, but I have them hidden around the house where you don't run into them every day. Ticket stubs are in a box, in chronological order (except for Movie Ticket Stubs, those are thrown in with my change collector.

The other day I was rooting through a drawer looking for a disk and I came across a cache of these items. There were a couple trip bags, one from New York City, one from Cancun, birthday cards and letters from my grandmother.

Typically I would stop what I was doing and take a few minutes to look through the things...I mean that's the whole reason I "hid" them to begin with, so I'd find them sometime later when I was probably looking for something else.

But I didn't do that this time, instead I found my disk and shoved everything back in it's place.

Today I was picking up around the computer area and I found this folded up piece of paper with typewriting on it. I thought it was a letter from my Mom, but instead it was this poem from my friend.

There's not a date on this, but I figure that this is at least 10 years old, with that, I want to share this with you:


I saw a friend cry last night
not from any pain or fright
but simply from a single word
that cause so much grief and hurt.

I don't think he knew
how each of his tears slew
a little bit of happiness in my heart
how it hurt to see him fall apart.

I didn't cry for him that night
though if I'd watched him a little longer I thought I might
I did, however, feel bad
that I'd seen him so vulnerable and sad.

Not for me for I feel it was fine
but for him inside his mind
because I don't think he wanted me to know
that within him tears also flow.

I pretend to have seen nothing
though I know it will bring
a denial on both sides
of emotions either wants to hide.

So to him I would like to say
that I'd really like to be friends with him in future days
and I hope that you know my friend,
that it is okay to cry again.

It obviously fell out of it's place for a reason.

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andy said...

What a nice idea, hiding memories to trip over later, I'd like to try that.