Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hope you had a good weekend

I just got the new Flip Video Camera and I wanted to send out a quick greeting on Friday Night to wish you a happy ending......well you'll just need to see what happened.


Ms Mac said...

Hah! Cat totally busted!

Yo9ur nest of cables at the back of your computer made me nauseous.

Andi said...

Just a preview of the weekend coming up!!!! You with your video, me with my camera? Who KNOWS what fun we'll have?

Can't wait!

andy said...

Loved this post Michael, the video was insightful, eeeeuuuuwww cat drinking out of toilet!

And as for the cables, I'm loving them, they could be much worse, I once encountered and had to clear the same thing in a clients house, the only difference being the inch layer of dust, and thats just dead skin right?

Jelly said...

Yay! You got the flip! I hope that means oodles of videos from you!
You know what you should do about Kitty drinking from the toilet? Hide a little snarling rotweiller inside. That'll learn her!
Nice weekend!

Ice John's World said...

Nice video! Now you can make more video posts with that camera!