Sunday, January 27, 2008

I hate Facebook!

Oh I know right away I'm gonna rile some feathers with a post headline like that aren't I? And I know exactly who you are right now.

Yes, Facebook is cool.....Facebook is the new "it" toy of the interwebs, everyone's got to be on Facebook. Apparently the CEO of the organization I work for sent a link to all of the Higher Ups from Facebook and because of our firewalls, they couldn't see it -- Oops....

I don't get Facebook...and it shouldn't feel bad, I don't "get" MySpace either. I don't know, I just don't get it....not their fault.

But here's why I hate Facebook. Of all of the interactions I've had with it, I love it. I think it's a great little tool, it's fun, but there's too much crap going on while you're there. But it's a little scary too, if you ask me. Last week I ordered tickets from Fandango....and Facebook knows about it - but how facebook knows about it, I don't know. Because my Fandango account is under a completely different email account than my Facebook email account, so how the hell does Facebook know?

The other thing that bugs me about Facebook is that there's all these little games and things, which in itself is pretty cool where you can challenge your friends to take trivia games or play scrabble. Oh yeah, did you hear they're getting sued by Milton Bradley, apparently Scrabolicious is just Facebooks own little version of the game and they don't think that people will confuse Scrabulous with the real Scrabble.....uhm, yeah, cuz I thought it was owned by Milton Bradley.

The games and all are cool, but every now and then you get one where they'll only reveal your score AFTER you forward it onto 20 of your friends. Now that pisses me off to no end, because I don't have 20 friends on Facebook, which means I'll never get to see my scores.....because I'll never have 20 friends on Facebook....those fuckers....but on the other hand, I don't have a problem with that on MySpace. Whenever I log in there I've got 42 "Friend Reqeusts".....from women......hmmmm.....maybe if I could get some of that on Facebook I'd finally be able to see my score for that game I played!

But fuck you Facebook, I'm not making any more friends at your place....

Why do you hate Facebook?


Andi said...

I only use Facebook for Scrabulous!

and whenever I do a quiz - rarely - if I have to pass it on to 20+ friends I don't bother. I get really annoyed by it and for a while don't bother doing the quizzes....

But yeah, I understand!

Ms Mac said...

I hate Facebook because it doesn't matter how many friends I have on it or how many quizzes I take, I'm still not getting any from George Clooney.

Antipodeesse said...

Baby I hate Facebook because I just don't have time for it and all my little fwends think I'm snubbing them.

John said...

There's been a lot written lately in online marketing circles about Facebook's generally crappy privacy policies - they've made some big goofups with Beacon, the service that figured out you bought tickets at Fandango, recently - including a pretty well publicized case where a guy bought his wife a diamond ring for Christmas, and "Bob just bought a ring!" promptly appeared on his profile. Whoops, so much for that surprise.

I hate that they are a walled garden - all the information stays within Facebook, not so much as an RSS feed to keep up with it. They've actually booted members for trying to export their lists of friends from Facebook. They own the data. They own everything you say and publish there.

I think you're going to see social networking features like those Facebook has become part of other things - like you mailbox and your calendar. (Google has announced that they are adding some of these features to Gmail.) So networking won't be something you log into a special site to do, but just part of your life.

Facebook is the flavor of the week, like MySpace once was, and from what I'm seeing, people are already starting to get annoyed with it.

Andi said...

Yeah, what John said!

andy said...


Last week I deleted all the stupid apps off my profile. All those zombie requests are so annoying and funwalls where everyone posts the same youtube over and over. Lame!

However, I have just sent you a friend request :-)

Xmichra said...

not me, i love facebook. I haven't had a forum that had easy to read pages (not like myspace) and easy chat and message centers (the wall or inbox) and let me connect with friends and people i haven't seen in ages. Life takes us all downa different road, and i for one am extatic that i got the opportunity to see some folks i never thought i would see again. And to see how we have all grown, share some laughs and have a good talk.

If you don't want the aps - don't add them. if you want to be careful, don't post pictures. The internet isn't a happy shiney place and is full of information. So if you don't want personal stuff out just don't post it. Stuff like that isn't so hard.

I will say it again, love facebook. And i can see why so many others do too.

Farrin said...

I hate it too. I think its just as stupid as MySpace...although I don't think Facebook is owned by Rupert Murdock (yet).

I'm with you on the whole..."I just don't get it"! That's totally how I feel about both sites. They're just too stupid for liner, inside jokes and nothing makes sense to anyone...whatever, piss on Rupert and facebook.

The sucky thing is that I have to manage even my boss' facebook--how funny is that... :-) Academia is a beautiful thing.

m00nchild said...

i actually just joined Facebook 2 days ago. one of my best friends has been trying to get me started there for over a year. i relented. i actually like it. the emphasis is different than MySpace & i hated MySpace. so i guess i'm just a lot more open to it so far.

regarding Fandango, i work for a company that specializes in behavioral marketing and targeting. everyone is doing this now. EVERYONE. the worst of all is Google. they track you every which way they can -- and they tell you about it in their TOU (Terms Of Use). but MSN does it, Yahoo! does it. All of the major ad networks (Right Media, Doubleclick, Zedo, etc.) do it. Cable companies do it on digital cable. And now Internet Service Providers want to do it by peering into data that passes through their servers and selling that info to advertisers.

it's insidious. And some people get weirded out by it. And a lot of people either don't care or don't care to find out.

i'm not an advocate for the erosion of privacy in the Digital Age, but it's not going away. I think people like myself who can't stand that spying get creative about hiding themselves as best as they can.