Friday, January 04, 2008

I got a Ticket!

Oh, I'm so mad right now....can you believe I got a ticket?!? Those bastards.

No, I didn't get a ticket to the hottest new musical on Broadway (I wouldn't be bitching about that) and I didn't get a ticket from the Fashion Police (although sometimes I do deserve one) and I didn't get a ticket from the Men in Blue.

No, I got a ticket at work, and not for a raffle either. I got an "Energy Ticket"

We are in the throes of "going green" there are signs all over the building reminding us to turn off water faucets, turn off conference room lights - all what I consider common sense things to do. I mean who leaves the bathroom but leaves the water in the sink running? It goes further though to tell us that we should turn off our lights if we're going to be away from our office for more than 5 minutes or if we have a coffee pot, we should turn off the printer and we should turn off our powerstrip instead of just turning off the computer.

As an "incentive" for going green we're being audited on a daily basis and if we've lowered our energy consumption we get to wear blue jeans for one freaking day!

So what are people doing? They're going so far as to remove two of the flourescent bulbs in the overhead lights (there's three so they still have one) or not even turning on hall lights at all, it's like a freaking morgue in here....all for wearing jeans one day?!?

Oh yeah, and how did I get the ticket to start with? Well I have a laptop so I put it away every night before I leave but the monitor goes into "sleep" mode. Since I didn't push the button to turn off the monitor I got the following cutesy, but oh so annyoing ticket taped to my monitor this morning:


You have been audited. You forgot to turn off your lights, computer equipment, coffee pot, printer or an electric appliance in your office.

Reduce our energy usage by turning off everything when you leave for an extended period of time.

Thank you!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about "going green" but it's not going green, it's called being cheap. At least call it what it is "We can't afford to pay our electric bill so we're asking you to work in the dark."

I'm surprised I didn't get a ticket for having the voicemail because there's that little light there to tell you...and we all know that it SUCKS ENERGY like there's no tomorrow!

I think I'll bring my iron into work and leave it plugged in all day......but don't worry I'm saving my ticket and putting it back on my monitor so that the next person thinks I already got on.....that'll be a lot more fun than just pushing the button.


Andi said...

Oh you rebel you!

GammaGoblin said...

I wouldnt mind if we all got a kick up the arse about going green, but I mean a real good kick, not these kind of token gestures that do nothing more than twist our nipples and poke us in the ribs. We have similar "green" crap coming into Ireland at the moment but its all so random and pointless. The only thing it achieves to do is annoy people so much that they turn anti-green completely and decide to burn their rubbish out in the back garden just for spite.

Xmichra said...

lol... definately keep the ticket on!! hehe..

We ahve things like this at work too (one is for post it notes. I lvoe post it notes)and it can be a real pain when you are actually trying to do your job... said...

How many tickets do you need to become Waster of the Week with framed mug shot?

Kiss My Mike said...

yes i believe the "incentive" system is a bit too extreme. in an effort to cut costsw, the company doesn't realize that it somehow increases its overhead by hiring someone to monitor the desks everyday.

Ice John's World said...

Your company was just way over the head about the energy saving thing. You should threat them about complaining to OSHA that your company ignores your vision health for saving the cost. That will teach them! :)

The Sour Kraut said...

Hey, I just found a way to redeem yourself...

If you get your whole office using it, maybe they'll revoke your ticket.