Friday, January 11, 2008

When did Wired become such a Vogue?

I recently had to use or lose some Airline Miles with a carrier I don't fly any longer and they gave me the option of getting some magazines instead.

If there's one thing that I like is magazines, they don't take long to read, they're portable and you can throw them in the I mean recycle, when you're finished with them.

One of the magazines I started getting was WIRED, which I thought was a technology magazine, but apparently I was confused. I've gotten two issues so far and I'm still marveling at how much of a nontechnology magazine this is. Its almost like Maxim or Radar - and yes I subscribe to those too. I know those are "Mens Magazines" but if you recall, I love The Girls Next Door.

Some of the amazing highlights include an article on how to count cards and sleep on two hours a day and an article on how Nair works....all in that cutesy kind of pencil drawn pictures with captions.

I was startled at the number of ads, so I did a little count. Out of 172 pages (and that includes 4 pages for front/back cover) there were 80 full pages of advertisements, that's almost 47% ads.

At least on tv they only bombard us with about 26% ads (unless you're watching the infomercial channel).

Fortunately 29 pages (36.25%) were at least tech related (computers, etc), there were 2 pages each for (2.5%) for classified ads, software, cellular service and surprisingly travel. The big kicker was 22 pages (27.5%) devoted to Automobiles (now granted that could be because the cover was devoted to developing a fuel efficient car) followed by 11 pages (13.75%) geared towards credit cards and financial services, what?

The ones that really surprised me though were:
- 5 pages (6.25%) focusing on a technology magazine.

- 3 pages (3.75%) of the pages were Goodwill ads (you know the ones where the big corporations say "oh look at all the wonderful things we do while we're raping America)

- 1 page (1.25%) and the back cover at that, was entirely devoted to, I think, a faucet. The Bold Look of Kohler. But I don't get the ad, what are they trying to convey? Here's a 50's looking woman flying a futuristic plane all while keeping her hair out of her eyes in an open cockpit with running water. Huh?

You tell me, what does this ad say to you?

The back of Wired Magazine


Andi said...

This ad tells me she isn't going to be airborne for long if she flies a plane with a tap!

D-Man said...

Well first of all, she's about to shoot her arm off...

There's gotta be something subliminally sexual about it, although that's WAAAAAY outa my league. Something like 'being in command and touching your tap'...

Make it flow, honey... said...

I loved WIRED for being a technology magazine that avoided to write about both software and hardware. Unfortunately, it lost its zest around the turn of the century and I gave up on it.

To the add: a good representation of their mission statement, which says "... contributing to a higher level of gracious living for those who are touched by our products and services." How would you advertise for plumbing products?

Anonymous said...

It tells me she's trying to douche at 30,000 feet!