Friday, February 08, 2008

Cable is Getting Da Boot

The Denver Boot

Well, I've done it again, I got rid of Cable TV! It's rediculous the prices they charge, for what we truly watch.

We've been paying a little over $100 a month for TV and Internet. We have the basic TV package (although we do have a DVR and because of that we had to get the HDTV Package) and 5MBPS Broadband.

The final straw just came a few weeks ago....we got a lovely letter in the mail from RCN (disguised as Junk Mail, I might add) telling us that they're going "All Digital - for YOUR benefit" and the only thing you need to do is get a digital tuner box for every TV that you have in your house. They'll gladly send us the boxes at no charge and only then charge us "just" $4.00 a month per box.

Well the problem is, we've got Four TV's in our house....yes I know there are only two of us there, but I have a TV in my bedroom, The Roommate has the same, we have one in the TV Room and one in the Kitchen.

So on top of the $100+ we're paying per month, they now want to tack on an additional $12.00 per month, so with taxes, etc our bill will be over $120 per month.

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" I said to The Roommate - we're getting rid of Cable TV.

After I picked him up off the floor and applied a wet handtowel to his forehead I repeated myself and he slumped back in his chair and gave out a gasp, I thought I was going to have to call 9-1-1 and make a Fireman cum, instead I grabbed a paper bag and made him breath into it.

Before moving last year, I lived without cable for 5 years and didn't miss it at all. Surprisingly there are a lot of "off the air" channels in Chicago. The last time I counted there were upwards of 15 channels. Now granted, several of those are in a foreign language (but the Spanish channels typically have hot guys so I really don't care what they're saying), but we have all of the network channels, plus a few extras.

We're also downgrading our Broadband connection to 3MBPS DSL (which will probably be faster than the crappy 5MBPS that cable barely provided) and getting rid of our landline.

In all, we're going to be saving about about $115 a month between the two of us - hey that's a Broadway Show a month almost in savings.

Of course I won't know what's going on with "The Girls Next Door" anylonger, but I think I'll be able to cope!


The Big Finn said...

Count the pennies...

The Big Finn said...


I love da "da".

You're sooooo Chicago!

Tony said...

I wish I could give up cable!

Ice John's World said...

It should not be that bad if you still have all the major networks. And some programs you even can watch on the channel website now. Way to go to save some hard cash! said...

Life is to short anyway to be spent watching telly.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Michael! MJ and I dropped our cable almost a year and a half ago. The money we saved is well worth the initial shock of not having the usual junkfood (braincandy) to watch. Of course if anyone says, "Did you see the show..." you'll have to answer, "No, I don't have cable." But you get used that, too.

Anonymous said...

Canceling your gub'mint big brother propaganda pipeline? That's going to land you on a watch list fer sure, boy!