Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome Home

The dog that always ignores me wouldn’t stop barking at me and giving me that low whine that he typically reserves only for The Roommate.

The Roommate gave me a big hug.

And The Cat just stood by my bedroom door and gave me that look of “Yeah yeah, whatever – you’re back. Now, open your fucking door bitch, I need a nap!”

Ah…’s good to be home!

I’ve recently returned from a 10-day stint in Central Florida. I know, you feel terrible for me don’t you? And you should, but I did have to go for work.

Not only was it great to get out of gloomy Chicago in February, but I got see my parents for two mini-trips (I went down early, spent a few days with them – did my work thing – and then went and spent a few more days with them).

I have a great time with my parents – if you’ve ever met me, all I can say is that my parents are much more crazy than I am!! A whole lot more.

Some of the highlights of the trip included:

- Going to Universal Studios, for free (convention thingy) and winning a whole bunch of stuffed animals playing “carnival games”
- Staying at The Swan Hotel at Disney
- Paying $80 for a pedicure (fortunately that included the tip)
- Going to The Magic Kingdom with my co-workers (we had a blast)
- Breading fish for a Fish Fry
- Playing “Knock Rummy”
- Clothes shopping with my Mom
- Chowing down on Crab Legs at the Chinese Buffet
- Meeting up with my friend Mark for a few days while he was visiting his Parents
- Having the airline lose my luggage (fortunately it was on my trip home)

But now I’m back and I have tons of pictures and videos to upload – so give me a few days!


The Big Finn said...

I was wondering where you were...

I'm glad you had a good time. Florida is definitely I nice break from Chicago this time of year!

Jelly said...

Welcome back! Your trip sounds FUN!! Mmmmm - crab legs!
Hey, Michael! I got your little book you sent and I think it's so cute! Thank you for thinking of me!

Ice John's World said...

Wow! You had much more fun than I have here in north central Florida! Have been worked straight 14 days now and I am pooped. would be nice to meet you when you were in Florida. Great that you got home safe.