Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who knew Partner Swapping could be so fun.

The ever delicious Andrea arrived in my fair city Fridy afternoon and with her arrival The Roommate was shuttled off to the exotic destination known as Cleveland, Ohio. I had promised Andrea an exciting fun filled weekend in Chicago and I hope that I didn't disappoint her.

Friday started off like every other Friday by playing Uno and eating Sloppy Joes and French Fries, that quickly transitioned to playing Wii Tennis in the hopes of getting Andrea ready to “play with the boys” Having never played Wii before, let's just say that by the time she left Chicago she was sporting a new arm sling and complaining of Tennis Elbow.

Saturday was spent ingesting massive amounts of MSG masqarading as Dim Sum. 14 of us joined forces and managed to eat more than $200 worth of Dim Sum, a hearty task I might add. After Dim Sum Saturday we proceeded with a tour of downtown Chicago and finally catching a bus back north where we hibernated for the evening playing Wii and eating delectable Sushi (well actually Maki Rolls because none of us really like raw fish).

We spent the rest of our time shopping, putting gas in the car and sleeping in late, well all except me because I was playing Dr. Doolittle since The Roommate went to Cleveland. I must say there's something unnerving about a pussy laying in bed with you and a pair of eyes attached to a dog leering over the edge of the bed at you pleading to go outside and pee at 5:00 am.

While Andrea was here I was able to start her path to becoming a star by having her perform as a Magician's Assistant. I tried to get him to cut her in half, but he didn't know that trick....pity really. Mother Nature also played a hand in the festivities by creating a fog that blanketed the city and shut down the Airport forcing Andrea to spend another day in the Windy City which was spent walking around the downtown area and soaking up the Art that is the Art Institute of Chicago. I can safely say now that I am more cultured than before she arrived.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and due to an unchangeable work schedule, Andrea was forced to brave her own way to the airport with the hopes that her plane would take off and not strand her in the city for another day.

So when are you coming to visit?


Ice John's World said...

Sounds like that you and Andrea had a great time on this past weekend! The dim sum feast sounds great! Hope that she can get out of Chicago before the snow storm hits today. Have a good one!

The Big Finn said...

When am I coming to visit? I'll be arriving in Chicago on April 15th (gotta mail those taxes!).

The Sour Kraut said...

Wii boxing is a bitch! I was sore for two days.