Friday, February 01, 2008

Wife Swapping

It's been snowing since yesterday morning. Not a blizzard by any means, but it's been snowing constantly since yesterday and we have approximately 8 inches of snow on the ground and we're under a Winter Storm Warning until 6:00pm tonight. This after a weekend where the temps hit the high 40's and wiped out all of the snow that had been on the ground.

We've got our fingers crossed that Mother Nature will stop the snow for a little bit, open the skies and let the airplanes land at Midway (I don't care about O'Hare it can snow all day out there for all I care.) It's a big day here because we're Wife, Partner Swapping....hmmm....not even that really, I guess it's more of a Wife/Roommate Swap thingy.

The ever delightful Andi-licious will hopefully be stepping foot on a plane very soon and shortly after standing on Chicago soil. You may remember that last year the infamous George showed up in Chicago to watch the Super Series with us (well The Roommate), well this year I'm sending The Roommate off to Cleveland to watch the Super Series with George and Andi is coming here so we can have a fun Girls Weekend.

I've got all sorts of fun things planned this weekend, since it's the weekend leading up to my Birthday Celebration.

I hope we get to see each other, keep your fingers crossed!


Ms Mac said...

Oh yes, that's where Andi is. I was about to send out the search parties for her.

Ms Mac said...

Oh and Michael, my word verification for the last comment was "Zpffff" which I thought was a little dismissive of my concerns for Andilicious. Could you have that seen to? K. Thnx.