Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finally Confirmed: I'm a Thirteen Year Old Girl

I've never admitted to growing up, even though I turned 39 a month ago, I still feel like I'm 18.

Well at least I act like I'm 18, I mean I sure as hell don't look like I'm 18!

I've known for a long time that I really am a 12 year old girl inside. I was telling a friend about a gadget I bought and he said "Well that's just silly, who would buy that?" Uhm, and a bunch of 12 year old girls.

Turning 39 this year has made me come to turns that perhaps I'm not really a 12 year old gir, that perhaps now I'm actually more like a Teenager.

That was all proved earlier this week when I heard this song on the radio. It's a remake but not a remake, they're just using the background track from another song and updated/added new lyrics.

I've got this cool feature on my phone where it will analyze a song and tell you who the song title is along with the artist and album information. Even better - it's FREE (because they want you to buy the songs online from them - that's where they make their money, the bastards!)

So the song came on while I was in the car so I pulled out my phone and let it do it's magic! 10 seconds seemed like 30 as I waited for it to finish analyzing and giving me the details!

**BONK** the phone went and the title popped up on the screen. If I had been driving I'm sure that I would have hit the guard rails and flown off the side of the cliff.

Here's the song I'm currently in love with

So it's official, I'm officially a Thirteen Year Old (x3)


Andi said...

This is one of those "You won't believe it but........"

Matt and I were just driving back from Niagara and this song came on the radio and I made him play it real loud and I was signing away like an idiot! he said "Who is this?" and I'm all "I don't know...." so he pressed the button on his Sirius radio thingy and yeah.


But I don't care, I love!

Jelly said...

Ha ha,'re such a cute little girl, though.
I didn't realize we're the same age! If you and I were Korean we'd be "chingus!" (Friends!) Everyone who's the same age are "friends," which is why my students think it's weird when I forget and ask them if they have a lot of friends at school.

Ice John's World said...

It means that you are always young at heart!