Friday, March 14, 2008

How is that convenient?

Margaret Cho is coming to town and this little fag is going to see her! I mean come on, what little homo boy (or girl) doesn't love Margaret Cho?

I saw her several years ago by sheer coincidence at a little tiny miniscule comedy club out in the burbs somewhere and she was farking hilarious. I was so close to her that I could smell the bbq chips on her breath.

When I found out that she was coming to Chicago for a full blown tour I said "Get thyself to Ticketmaster and purchase those tickets."

As I'm going through the process I find that she's not sold out (thank goodness) and the tickets are fairly reasonable - $46.00.

It's not until the checkout process that Ticketmaster fucks you up the ass without any lube (and believe me you, I know how that feels - it's not a good feeling at all, no matter what people say)

A $46 tickets ended up cost $61.19, that's an overall surcharge of 33% of the cost of the tickets themselves.

And of course you don't see any of this until you're on the page to actually buy the tickets, but there's one more sneaky sneak in there......after you process the orders you find out that there's Tax and an additional Order Processing Fee of $3.15, hell I thought that's what the $20.40 fee was for?

I can understand the $3.00 per ticket "facility fee" because it helps "run" the theater - I don't have a problem with that at all.

What I don't understand is why they call the $10.20 fee per ticket a "Convenience Fee" how is that a convenience fee? I'm not bugging you on the phone, I'm not up at your ticket window yelling at you? I'm doing a totally self-service transaction and you're charging me $20.40 for that....and then $3.15 to process my order.

The interesting thing though, is if you go to the Box Office, you still get to pay the "convenience fee."

I'm surprised they don't charge to mail the tickets - they do charge to "download and print" at home?!?

Oh I hate you Ticketmaster!

Yeah, btw, if you're in town on Saturday, April 26th let me know, I've got an extra ticket!


The Big Finn said...

Congratulations on your Pearl Jam moment. Didn't they fight Ticketmaster in the 90s? I guess we know who won that fight.

Oh...and btw...

I've never even heard of Margaret Cho. Man, I'm so out of touch with the entertainment world.

andy said...

Drives you mad all that doesnt it? adding extras at checkout, could you imagine that at the supermarket?

I had do do a quick google on M. Cho, the name was familiar but it seems I was confusing her with Annabel Chong. For your sake I'm glad I got it wrong!

CanadianSwiss said...

Convenience fee??? LMAO!

Farrin said...

OMG I'm so jealous! I saw an ad for tickets a while back and soooo wanted to do it but it's just too "convenient" for me right now! ;-)

She is the best! Did you go to the first ever queer Burlesque show at the Vic last January?? It was UNBELIEVABLE (and my birthday)! But Cho came out and did a burlesque number that included a fake penis...and big giant fans...her "tranny fan dance"!