Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tomorrow is finally the day

That we've all been waiting for. At least I know I've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for it since at least Christmas. The Roommate has been waiting for it as well, and I'm sure you've been waiting for it.

No it's not the start to that silly March Madness thing.

Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Time for things to come to life again. The Vernal Equinox!

Oh yeah, and sorry friends of the Southern Hemisphere, it's the start of Autumn for you - I hope you enjoyed your summer while we were freezing our asses off up here.

Now I just hope that when Jesus comes out of his cave this weekend we won't have six more weeks of winter, that would be a total bummer!


DavidRaul said...

The Passion of the Cave! woot!

Ice John's World said...

Well, unfortunately, it snows again today so the spring is still not here yet....

The Big Finn said...

Fuckin' Jesus!