Sunday, April 27, 2008


My magnets
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Whenever I go see a "Broadway" Show I always buy a magnet.

The shows will sell all kinds of things - t-Shirts, Bookbags, shopping bags, programs, CD's to fleece you out of more money. Considering that tickets cost upwards of $50+ for mediocre seats, you'd think you'd get something more than a Playbill for your efforts.

I'm not into all of that other stuff (as I've already typically purchased the CD) and I can't see myself wearing an "Annie" T-shirt in public (I may be gay, but I have my limits) but I do buy a Magnet of the show so I can place on my fridge and remember those great times anytime I walk by the fridge.

Click on the photo to go over to Flickr and look at it big...and labeled!


andy said...

The only one of these that I've seen is Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. I still come over all funny when I think of it, it was so powerful, I was glued to the stage throughout.
It was a complete accident that I got to see it, I'd never seen a ballet before and havent seen one since, we were given the tickets as a gift because a friend couldnt attend.

I wonder if there is a DVD? said...

Many thanks for the clarification. I have some magnets on my fridge as well. They are not as colourful as yours. However, they are there to hold all the party flyers with those picture showing lots of male beef.

Ice John's World said...

Cool collections you have there! You have seen lots of broadway shows there!

The Big Finn said...

We have a bunch of magnets that we've collected from our travels. I'll have to remember to post a picture of them at some point in the future.