Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What is going on....

With the children in America?!? I can't figure it out. It makes no sense to me what is going on with the children in America. Are parents that out of touch that they don't even have the time (or effort) to teach their children the basics of life and how to live with one another?

Since the start of the School Year (Sept 2007) there have been 20 Chicago Public School students killed.

20 Children

Twenty Children

What is our world coming to?

The youngest was 10 years old, a decade old. 10 freaking years old! I can't imagine, I can't relate.

When I was 10 years old, I never had to worry about being shot or chased by gangs, skipping school or trying drugs. I know I grew up in a totally different environment, but this just seems so ludicrous to me, the things that these children need to "cope" with.

One of the last children killed was shot by a fellow student who just walked up and shot him in the head. WHO does that? Who does that and thinks they can get away with it?

Who's to blame? Violence on TV? Violent videogames? Sex in the movies? Uninterested parents?

I have finally reached that glorious age where I can say, without a doubt, "Back in my day....."

Then this morning on the news there's a story about a group of Third Graders who plotted to attack, handcuff and stab their teacher


Third Graders, 8 to 10 years old. What is the world coming to.

I remember Third Grade, I loved it, I loved my teacher, I loved my classmates, third grade was that "middle of the way" grade between Kindergarten and Sixth Grade. We went to Hawaii for vacation when I was in Third Grade, I remember wearing my "Hawaii 78" t-shirt, I remember being excited about the world.

Who's to blame?

***Sorry for the downer post today***


Andi said...

It IS a sad world that we live in.......

I remember at school being so scared of teachers! I would no more want to handcuff and stab one than I would want to take one home for dinner!

The only thing I was scared of was people gossiping about me! that was awful! But to be shot? stabbed? *shakes head* I just don't know.........

If you blame the parents you get mocked. If you blame the teachers you get mocked. Let's just blame it on the government. LOL Everyone blames them for everything already so one more thing won't make much difference1

Andi said...

oh, and by 'taking one home for dinner' I didn't mean to eat one for dinner. I meant for them to enjoy dinner WITH us.

Just thought I'd clarify that! :-D

Ms Mac said...

It's all Gossip Girl's fault!

Kat said...

I saw about the third graders that plotted to attack their teacher. I didn't even know how to react to it, it's just so outrageous.

andy said...

Its a mad world, isnt it. In the UK we dont have quite the same gun culture, unfortunatley we are getting there slowly but surely. I wish I knew the answer :-(

The Big Finn said...

Those people who shot other people must have thought they were forming a militia and that it gave them their "...Constitutional right to bear arms." Yeah, right!
When I was in junior high, some kid brought a handgun to school and showed it off to a few other kids. The police were there quickly, and the kid was neither heard from or seen again.
Who knows what the answers to these problems are? I'd ban handguns, to start. But hey, I guess that's just me.

Mickle in NZ said...

I'm feeling and caring for them, but also Michael sending care and love to you. Thank you for highlighting this to the blogosphere world.
Super love to you from New Zealand - only our special police force bods carry guns all the time - the special Armed Offenders Unit- and some squad cars, but not all.
Sending special care and much love to you, Michael - and to your own home's cat. They are stroppy individuals (just like me), please enjoy your cat's affection

Love from Mickle in NZ

Michael said...

Mickle - thank you for note. I do enjoy my kitty's affection (in fact I'm going to post about it)

TBF - Those were the good old days - before metal detectors and x-ray machines at school.

Kat - I'm still just flabbergasted

Andy - I wish we didn't have the gun culture we do.

Andi - I was never "afraid" of my teachers, in fact I still correspond with my Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Mac - Gossip Who?

The Sour Kraut said...

It's very scary. Particularly because I have an 8 year old who still wants me to tuck him in each night, hugs his stuffed animals, etc. He thinks it's a major deal to say "hell". Not that he's all that innocent, just still so young. I can't fathom how a group so young could think to do something like that. They were troubled kids, but still...frightening.

I'm with TBF on the gun control thing.