Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wicked is over in Chicago

I got my renewal for the Broadway in Chicago Series today.....which I'm not going to renew.

The shows next year sorta suck:

Xanadu - I have NO interest in seeing this, at all!
Grease - The movie was enough for me.
A Bronx Tale - Uhm, yeah, thanks, no.
A Chorus Line - I've seen this show many times and we had fabulous seats in NYC so no reason to taint the memory of that movie
Mary Poppins - We just missed the opening of this show in London when we went in 2004, so I was a little upset. But we did get to see The Woman in White with Maria Friedman and Michael Crawford so that sort of made up for it.

The only show that I really want to see is Mary Poppins and I can buy single seat tickets for that.

But there is an interesting note, on the renewal notice it lists where my seats will be in all of the theaters.....and the Oriental Theater is listed.

The Oriental is where Wicked is currently playing and has set the record for the longest running Broadway style show in does that mean that Wicked is going to close? I bet it does!

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