Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I knew it, I just knew it

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I wasn't going to be renewing my Broadway in Chicago tickets for next year?

I sorta made a prediction based on the seating chart included in my renewal notice that Wicked was going to be closing.......Well, it was announced today that Wicked is going to be closing in January 2009.

So remember, the longer you wait, the longer you'll wait to see WICKED!

But hurry - only through January 2009


Pete said...

i'm like the only gay guy in chicago who HASN'T seen wicked, or any stage musical, so this works out i guess.

Michael said...

Pete - You've never seen a stage musical? Had I only known, I have two tickets for Avenue Q this evening that I'm not using. It would have been a peferect introduction for you!

Pete said...

i was in the orchestra of my HS production of Brigadoon and saw the first act of Into the Woods put on by my college...those don't really count.

that is quite the shame. i've heard such great things about that show

Michael said...

We did Brigadoon when I was in High School as well, only I was on stage wearing a kilt!

Pete said...

i see not much has changed since your high school days, michael...kilts, if worn properly, are sexy.