Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm finally legitimate!

I finally went out and bought the domain name:

Marc & Fausto (from The Feast of Fools) were the impetus behind this as they told me it was time to grow up and get a real domain!

Well it's done, but don't worry all of your links to me will still work, they'll just get automagically re-routed!

I'm a Big Boy Now!


Andi said...

Cool! I didn't even notice, that's how fantastic it is! When I changed my website I did the same thing, now when people type in the old address they automagically get re-routed too!

Next thing you know, you'll be asking people to get tattooed with your web address for advertising!

*shameless self advertising*

The Big Finn said...

As the proud owner of, I congratulate you!

Pete said...

this marks a new chapter in the history of the internet. congratulations!

i should get a domain for myself, but i don't think people are that interested in hearing about my torrid sex life.

Michael said...

Andi - I'll tattoo anything you want!

TBF - You're allowed to own domain names in Switzerland?

Pete - You would be surprised!!!!

Ice John's World said...

Cool! Just update the link to your new site address on my blog.

Jelly said...

Congratulations! I don't know why Pinnochio exclaiming "I'm a Real Boy now!" flashed in my head. Not meaning to imply you're a liar with a big ol' nose or anything.
Good for you, Mister Master of Your Own Domain!

David said...

Yay, Michael! You are a dot net! Congrats!

Karen said...