Thursday, May 29, 2008

IML Lite

IML was this weekend....oh you don't know what IML is? Well it's International Mr. Leather....which is basically a big sex party weekend with men dressed in Leather, or Uniforms, or Fur Suits, or Vinyl Suits or no Suits at all.

Let's just say that IML is always a crazy Memorial Day weekend and the perfect way to kick of summer in Chicago.

I don't know how to explain IML, so I'll let my friend Paul show you, because it was his first time too!


Anonymous said...

So where do I sign up to become your Fag Hag, I so want to go to this next time *grins*

~ Ditsy

Andi said...

Paul had his arms folded the entire time! hahahahahahaha

and Kahtan was there too! I *heart* Kahtan*

Well, looks like fun, must rush out to buy tickets for next years! LOL

Michael said...

Ditsy - It's every Memorial Day so mark your calendar and come in to the City next year, I'll be glad to take you.

Andi - You'd better be careful, you might end up in a sling!

Pete said...

"where did you get those wonderful toys"

i was hoping to see you in assless chaps, michael, getting flogged by your cute friends...i guess that's more IML after dark.

Michael said...

Sorry to disappoint Pete! That's WWAAAAAY After Dark!

Shane said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Really loved getting your perspective and Paul's perspective of the event. Really liked the sound of the whips in the background at the end as Paul is talking. Never been myself, but will definitely have to make it out there one year.

Ice John's World said...

So that's IML! I did not know what you meant when I read your comment on my block. Very very different and event. :)

David said...

OMG - great vidjo