Friday, May 30, 2008

The Joys of Living in Chicago

You know, they say that Global Warming is bad....I don't agree with them, I think Global Warming is pretty good in fact.

Only with Global Warming does one get the opportunity to experience three out of four seasons in three days!

Even though Memorial Day is the "official" kick off of summer, in Chicago it's not summer until the temps hit 80 for more than one day in a row. Just this week we had the following weather patterns:

Sunday - mid-60's by the lake with a lovely breeze, the perfect spring day.
Monday - low-80's by the lake without a breeze, but cloud cover, the perfect summer day.
Tuesday - low-40's by the lake, no sun, lots of wind, lots of cloud cover, the perfect winter day.

Ah, the joys of living in Chicago!

How many different seasons did you enjoy this week?

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