Monday, May 12, 2008

Mojito Madness

The other night I went over to some new friends house to talk about video cameras. I somehow ended up trying to make mojitos while being videotaped.

Funny how as I'm always behind the camera, it's really difficult being in front of the camera!

I had the great opportunity of meeting the Feast of Fools boys in person a few weeks ago while visiting a local watering hole. We started talking about videocameras and next thing I knew I was standing on their threshold with a bag containing all of my videocameras!

During the course of the evening Fausto was showing me how this great new website Tube Mogul where you can post one video and it gets transferred to all of the video sites you belong to, and he ended up posting a video that we shot that evening.

Check out this totally unedited, unrehearsed, unendorsed, unbranded, un-everything Feast of Fools video.

If you want a really bad mojito recipe, watch this!


Shane said...

Michael - this was great! Love the improv videos. It's always neat to get a peak into someone's unrehearsed life.

Ice John's World said...

May I suggest that you submit that video as the audition for "The Next Food Network Star"?

Ms Mac said...

I love you in your glasses! You so cute, Mr Michael!

Ms Mac said...

"My hands are cold!"

Oh, encore, please!

Jelly said...

That was so fun! But, I kind of got motion sickness - ha. I was interested in the people in the background wearing only T-shirts with a giant ball on their head. I wonder who they were!

I've never had a mojito, but I totally want you to make me one! Please? Michael - you're a natural on camera. You should have your own TV show. Really!

Michael said...

Shane - Oh that was an unrehearesed as it could get!

IceJohn - Oh NO!!! I'll have to submit a little bit better tape than that : -)

Ms. Mac - Why thank you, Why Thank You (there's your encore)

Jelly - Sorry you got sick, I'll make a mojito for you the next time I see you! Would you write a letter to NBC on my behalf, I think they'd listen to you.

Nickle Annie said...

"Double A's get you....I don't know what." LOL!

What do double D's get you! (o)(o)

I miss you Michael!